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A Human Definition
by David Sparenberg
2015-03-13 09:52:36
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dav01_400Before I was an angry person.  I was angry over the ignorance, greed and violence
of humanity.  But I have let my anger go into the wind; replacing anger with humility.

The outrage of the Earth is sufficient.
The wrath of God is sufficient.

It is my responsibility to met fellow human beings in compassion.  To find a way even to wrong doers--the destroyers and despoilers--through compassion.

to stand with many in prayer-circles of mystical weeping, to guide some back to the way of joyous repentance, to teach even a few simple utterance from the Lost Language of Angels?

For where there is no justice there is judgment.  But compassion is a human definition.


David Sparenberg
3 March 2015

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Rossella Panaro2015-03-13 22:40:22
is the right path
to achieve peace
through teaching
the humble attegiamento of experience
Compassion is the miracle of light
infinite in the heart of every man

Elsa gatehouse2015-03-19 21:38:11
If i was a victim of exploitation resulting in brutality and alienation i woudn't think much of your mystical weeping or your compassion for evil-doers its just an escape for your uncomfortable anger which only results in you feeling good but changes 0.

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