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by David Sparenberg
2015-02-27 10:29:24
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To the youth of the world—this message: Go out to the Earth.  Choose a spot.  Plant a tree.  Over the years tend to it.  Commune with it.  Bear witness to its growth and changed.  And freely sing the praises of your living tree.
Know this: That tree is a new beginning to Eden.  That tree is an invitation to the cherub with sword to bury his prohibiting weapon.  To rest beneath the praying bough, breathing fragrance of blossoms, listening to the joyous hunger of thanksgiving birds.
If you find yourself asking: Where do I encounter the holy?  Place a seed in your palm.  Carry that seed out to the Earth.  Know that your seed initiates a return of Eden.  Know that a tree is an Earthen-star and a symbol.
Each is a breathing presence.

Do you long for a yogic master?  Go out to the Earth—plant a tree.  Let tree be your mentor.


David Sparenberg
20 Oct. 2014

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