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Let's Call It What It Is..... Let's Call It What It Is.....
by Leah Sellers
2015-02-23 10:36:25
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Human Stories….Human Myths and Legends, especially those filled with Personal and Societal Politics steeped within the moaning and groaning scratching struggles for Treasure, Power and the Divine, profoundly Resonate throughout the tangled Fabric of all Cultures.
It is a Mis-take to think that the Ancient Memory Call and Re-Call of Human Stories, Myths and Legends, particularly Religious ones, do not affect/affect the Present as poignantly as they did the Past.
radical01_400The Personal and Societal Political Manipulators, and Puppet Masters of the Middle Eastern and Western potential and existing Terrorist Lone Scorpions, Groups and deviant Congregations have an Armageddon/Apocalyptic common thread which binds them and makes them itch and twitch to scratch that Resonating Ancient threadbare glitch into the Present.
It’s a powerful Tool.  A powerful Weapon to be able to apply or attach your Will to the Name and Will of God and Country or Allah and Caliphate.  Praise God !  Allah Akbar !
It gives your Will Justification and Validation for whatever Deeds (or Mis-deeds) you might Choose to Act upon.  Thusly, all Sins and Evils - murders, rapes, burnings of Living Beings. Shootings, bombings and beheadings are Purified - Sanctified when done in God or Allah’s Name.
Those same Sins and Evil Deeds can BeCome the Keys to a Perfect AfterLife and more virgins to have your way with or a Heaven where Jesus will Smile down upon you and Forgive you, because, after all you did it for God the Father, your Family and your Country, and to Forgive is Divine.  Surely, the Fires of Hell crackle and burn for someone else; not the torturing, raping, murdering, thee !
The West has been Imperialistically Colonizing the Middle East for one mercenary or Holy reason or another for a very, very long time.  Off and on, but still, for a very, very long time.
Yes, the West has been Terrorizing the East and visa versa for hundreds of years.  Of course, we all called those marauding Terrorists Soldiers for the State or Soldiers for God/Allah.  But they all Terrorized one another and all of the dumbfounded Civilians they encountered along the way or that got in their way for Treasure, Territory, Power, and of course, the Divinities they worshipped.  Why Terrorize ?  Because that’s what War does.  War Terrorizes, and can drive to InSanity, everyone and everything that it brushes with its toxic, fiery, fraying Energies.
In more Present times, the KKK is just one of the West’s many manifestations of Christian radicalized, extremist, Terrorists who run around Burning Crosses beating to death, shooting, lynching or burning to death people they thought they had a Right to do it to in the Name of God, Family and Country in long white sheets and pointy headed hood/masks.  Oooo, can’t identify me ?  Hee-hee, that makes me even more Terrorizing and Powerful !  We are Better than the scum we mutilate and kill !  We are Building a better World !  We are bringing about a foretold Holy End Time in God’s Holy Name (and that makes us even more Powerful) !
In these same Present times, ISIS runs around in pajamas and rounded hood/masks maiming, killing and burning their way to their Perfect AfterLife for Allah, Family and Country.  And, oh by the way, Oooo, can’t identify me ?  Hee-hee, that makes me even more Terrorizing and Powerful !  We are better than the scum we mutilate and kill !  We are building a better World !  We are bringing about a foretold Holy End Time in Allah’s Holy Name (and that makes us even more Powerful) !
Roll Call !  Who wants to Live Forever and ever in a Heaven - in an AfterLife filled with murderous, raping, sadistic sociopaths and psychopaths such as these ?  Hmmmmm…….
So, Let’s Call it what it really is.  No matter what excuses or monikers the aforementioned Folks may give themselves in the Name of God/Allah, Family and Country they are all Liars to themselves and everyone else, in search of falsely plausible excuses to take out their own personal beefs against the world at large or seeking money or power of some kind to make themselves feel better about themselves and/or the world at large.
They are destructive Personal and Societal murderers and Destroyers hiding behind the Sacred Robes of their Divinities.   They are just plain ’ole Personal and Societal Dis-eases created by and resulting from the lowest common denominators of both of our Nations, and Churches, Temples, Synagogues and Mosques.
The Modern Day Terrorists answering the Ancient Re-Call of their Personal and Societal Religions, Traditions, Cultures, Politics, Economies, Judiciaries Stories, Myths and Legends are but the twisted carriers of Humanities most ancient and primitive poisonously lethal Dis-eases.  Nothing more and nothing less.
So, please, let’s call it what it is.....


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Emanuel Paparella2015-02-23 12:22:45
The “enlightened” intelligentia of the West under the banner of Mills’ “free speech” principles have long declared religion a superstitious anachronism and substituted it with positivism. “Religion is the opium of the people,” declares Marx; “poison” says Mao, "Gothic obscurantism" says Voltaire; "the root of all evil" says Bill Maher, a mere pie in the sky or "a myth" (conceived as a lie}, says Comte; what is real and empirical is science, says Hume, by which we can measure our costs and benefits, maximize our pleasure, minimize our pains and welcome real tangible progress.

No interpretations are allowed in this scientific mind-set; positivism is the third final triumphant and enlightened cycle after that of the religion and philosophy which is a mere bridge to inevitable progress declares positivism marching under the banner of unstoppable "progress". But alas, what positivism fails to grasp is that its scientific determinism destroys the very idea of freedom and that it too remains a narration and an interpretation: that declaring that there are no interpretations, only scientific facts by which to call a spade a spade, is itself another interpretation of the human condition.

Of course there are misinterpretations of religious experiences. When that occurs, religion which ought to be a symbol of the transcendent becomes an idol and a pernicious cult sheltering “holy” sociopaths. One sure sign that such may be the case is the disrespect for the law (be it natural or positive) by which a cult becomes a criminal enterprise under the banner of extreme fanaticism conceived and interpreted as a religious apocalyptic experience of sort; the fascist mad mind-set fit to be brought before the International Court of Law at the Hague for crimes against humanity.

Kierkegaard who was a philosopher of religion called the phenomenon what it really is: the “sickness unto death” or having lost one’s humanity and not even knowing it. Moreover, unlike the above described luminaries, Jung and William James knew better when they described the varieties of religious experiences in their thought-provoking psychology and philosophy conceived as integral part of our humanity which we debunk and disrespect at our own risk. For, once the sickness reaches that fatal point, the game, I am afraid, is pretty much over.

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