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Rippling Time, Concentric Circles and Wild Onion Soup
by Leah Sellers
2015-02-02 13:23:02
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Rippling Time, Concentric Circles and Wild Onion Soup
A Teacher took her Students to the Pond today.
The Lesson ?
Teaching damaged Souls to Walk Into Nature and Play.
walk01_400While on the Banks searching for Wild Onions to cook
For a Class Project in Botanical Science,
Nutritional Chemistry and Measurements
(Not to mention additional Culinary Skills for Self Reliant Survival)
One of the Students picked up a Stone and threw it from where they stood
As far as they could.
The Teacher smiled
And picking up a smooth, flat Stone of her own
Said, “Look, Watch and See” -
She cast the Stone sideways
And Teacher and Students Looked, Watched and Saw the Stone skip
Once, twice, thrice - four times
Before it disappeared from Sight.
“Does the Stone still exist if we can’t See it ?”
The Teacher asked
“Of course, it does, Miss
It’s at the bottom of the Pond.”
“It’s a Stone after all -
A Stone smooth and flat.”
“It’s heavier than Water,
So the bottom of the Pond is where it’s at.”
“We all Watched and Saw it skip four times.”
“We all Watched and Saw where it disappeared from sight.”
“We Know where it landed.”
“We Know where it’s at.”
“Yes, what you say is True,” the Teacher replied.
“Yes, a Stone
One of Earth’s sturdy Bones
A Stone smooth and flat
Moving through another Fluid Reality of Space, Light and Time
To End up where, after all of that ?”
“Why, at the bottom of the Pond, Miss.”
“We’ve told you so.”
“Yes, but How do you Know?”
“Can you See it ?”
“Seeing is Believing, you know -
Everyone says so.”
“Because we all Looked, Watched and Saw you pick it up
And throw the Stone into the Pond, Miss.”
“We all Looked, Watched and Saw it skip four times and disappear.”
“Gravity took it, Miss, to the bottom of the Pond.”
“We Know what we Looked at, Watched and Saw.”
“We Know what we Know
Each of us One and All.”
“You think so ?” asked the Teacher.
“Some of you wear glasses.”
“Each of you stood in different locations.”
Smiling, and reaching down toward the Earth for another
Smooth and flat Stone
The Teacher said, “Students, each of you find your own Stone to throw.”
“Are you ready ?”
“Everyone cast your Stones sideways
Or the Probability of your Stones skipping will be greatly diminished.”
“Alright, one, two, three.  Go !”
And each Student threw their smooth, flat Stone
With a whoop and a holler of glee
And Watched with excitement as they skipped and disappeared.
Some skipping further than others
Some skipping not at all.
Stones of Trial and Error
One and All
Pointing out into the Pond’s Water
The Teacher said, “Look, Watch and See.”
“Do you See all of the Rippling Concentric Circles, Students ?”
“Rippling, Concentric Circles
Created by each Earth Stone’s varying Passage
Through Light, Air, Water, Space and Time ?”
“See what each Stone Caused ?”
“See each Stone’s Effect ?”
“Look, Watch and See
What happens to each Rippling Concentric Circle.”
The Students, pointing out toward the Pond’s Waters said,
“They’re spreading out, Ma’am.”
“Look at them Expand.”
“Look at the other Rippling Concentric Circles
Being created by the original Rippling Concentric Circles.”
“They’re all Expanding.”
“Growing larger.”
“Running into one another and creating other Geometric Forms.”
“Yes, yes !” said the Teacher.
“Other Rippling Concentric Circles
And other Geometric Forms !”
“Yes, yes !  Now Look, Watch and See
As these Rippling Concentric Circles
And other Forms of Geometry
Get closer to the Shoreline
What do you See Reflected inside of them ?”
“What do you See ?”
“We See Reflections of Ourselves, Ma’am.”
“And what else?” the Teacher prodded.
“The Sky, the Trees, the Flying Birds, the Sun !”
“What else do you See ?” the Teacher cajoled.
“And the Dirt and Algae beneath the clear Water at our feet
Each and EveryOne of Us
And the Sky,
And the Trees, and the Flying Birds
And the Sun above the Water
And the Dirt and the Algae beneath the Water
Rippling and Connecting and Interconnecting
All Merging and Converging
Inside the Pond’s Water
And to the Pond Water’s Edge.”
“Yes, yes !” said the Smiling Teacher
“Each of you is a different Person.”
“Each of you stood in a different Location.”
“Each of you picked up a different Stone to be thrown.”
“Some Stones Skipped.”
“Some Stones did not.”
“But each and every Stone
Flew through Light, Air, Water, Space and Time
Each Stone’s separate Actions
Created separate Reactions in Light, Air, Water, Space and Time
Which really are not so separate at all.”
“And there are things that we can only vaguely See
Or not See at all
That are Connecting and Interconnecting,
Merging and Converging
With the same Rippling Concentric Circles
And other Forms of Geometry
Created by your Earth Stones
On the opposite side of the Pond
That we are not even Aware of
And yet our Energies are
Connecting, Interconnecting
Merging and Converging with them nonetheless.”
“As all of Us stand here
At the Water’s edge
Looking at, Watching and Seeing
Our Reflections within the Water
And all of the Rippling Energies and Geometric Forms
Within the Water
Now gradually fading away
We are Witnessing
We are Observing
We are Analyzing
Two Realities
Perceived Simultaneously
Both Realities very Real
At and within this Space and Point in Time.”
“Wave your Right Hands at YourSelves
As I wave mine.”
“Yes, like it or not, as we Cast our Earth Stones
Into the Light, Air, Time, Space and Waters of Life
We are all of Us
And Everything around Us
Connected and Interconnected
Merging and Converging
Within Energetic Causes and Effects
Within Rippling Concentric Circles
And other Geometric Forms.”
“Everything is a part of You
And you are a part of Everything.”
“And all of this is so much more than just a rudimentary hunch.”
Then holding up the bag of Wild Onions
They had all pulled up out of the good Earth Together
The Teacher said,
“Now, who’s ready for Lunch ?”

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Emanuel Paparella2015-02-02 17:17:30
Rousseau, romantic that he was, believed that nature could heal, or at least mitigate all the psychic wounds, caused by a corrupt society; that we are all born innocent and that original sin is a perversion invented by religion and its priesthood. Returning to nature and communing with her was the solution to all social problems. He coined the expression “noble savages” in contrast to the “civilized corrupt greedy citizen" of European polities, and he believed that they resided in America where they communed with nature in an earthly natural paradise, a sort of garden of Eden. Of course Rousseau never came to America to see with his own eyes these noble savages. Had he bothered he might have begun to harbor some real suspicions that the Native Americans too were born with original sin and that perhaps St. Augustine had it on target all along.

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