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Top Youtube video mistakes
by Jay Gutman
2015-01-16 12:01:07
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I’ve watched thousands of Youtube videos and can tell what the successful Youtube bloggers do that the other ones don’t. Here’s a list of tips you can use when making Youtube videos, and a list of mistakes I’ve seen that have made the bad days of some Youtubers I know.

The list is in no particular order.

DON’T wear revealing clothing, unless you really, really intend to. Viewers tend to be very sarcastic about revealing clothing, or about a bad taste for fashion. If you have important information to share, dressing semi-formally is the best way to go about it. Anything revealing will take the attention away from the content.

DON’T state the obvious. Too many videos I watch state what we all already know and makes us skip to the next video. Do your research on the topic you are going to talk about, if possible try to look in depth. Don’t talk about things you have at least a few months if not a full year experiencing first hand, and only talk about it if most of the audience is learning something.

DO use humor, sound effects, pictures, visual effects to make your video less boring. I’ve seen too many videos where bloggers talk about a certain topic for several minutes and put me to sleep. Peppering your video with effects will make it less boring.

DO use background music, the kind of music that is not invasive and does not cover the message. Soft background music will make viewers stick around for longer, and want to hear more.

DO use a fancy opening theme, something that does not last more than 15 to 20 seconds and that is nice to watch. For copyright reasons, you have to design your own theme and compose your own music, but you have tons of software for that.

DON’T feed the trolls. Some viewers will (perhaps out of jealousy) leave hate messages on your video. Ideally, you shouldn’t even have time to read the comments. If you do read them, you should have thick enough skin that you don’t care about them.

DON’T reveal too much information about yourself. The best way to feed the trolls is to share information that is too personal. If possible, use a pseudonym and don’t reveal your real name. Don’t reveal your date of birth, address, occupation, workplace, financial information, political views or any information that can go against you.

DO upload videos regularly. It’s not the message that’s important but the person behind the message. If viewers subscribe, it’s because they’ll be interested in your specific message rather than the message itself.

DO keep your themes consistent. If you mix too many themes, no one will subscribe because what most people want is consistent themes they can react to, on the forum or in private.

DO try to be predictable. If your behavior or themes are too unpredictable, very few people will subscribe. Use catch phrases and expressions that will identify who you are.

DO invite people on your channel to get alternative views. DON’T make your Youtube channel all about yourself.

DON’T expect to make money or quit your day job to start a Youtube channel. Only quit your day job if you have a stable and growing number of subscribers, commenters, and if a lot of people actually recognize you in the streets, and that you’re making enough money from your channel to do without your day job.

DO diversify your business. You never know how long your subscribers will stick to your Youtube channel. Sometimes you get older and older and your subscribers grow older as well, but your content doesn’t. Start a shop, a restaurant, a coffee house, a pub or some kind of business where your subscribers can hang around, and that can be an alternative source of income to your channel.

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