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Are we Witnessing the Re-Nazification of the EU?
by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
2015-01-13 11:00:48
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It came as no great surprise that just about all the far right parties of Europe (and there is one in almost all the 27 EU countries nowadays) have declared the attack on the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo as a convincing proof that their concerns about immigration in Europe were justified all along. That is to say, they have collectively declared: “We told you so.” In a bizarre turn of events, they now want to be seen as the champions of free speech and democracy, never mind their former intolerant anti-multiculturalist political stance. They expect us to believe that Charlie Hebdo and their neo-fascist parties are now in the same fight. Really? Let’s see how this rhetoric stands up under a closer scrutiny.

Several of these parties have recently won unprecedented electoral victories. Some of their leaders now sit in the European Parliament, have caucused and speak with one voice in the name of democracy. We have seen this movie before, haven’t we? After all, was not Hitler elected democratically as Chancellor of Germany? And we know what happened once he came to power. Or do we?

And what is it that these parties have been warning us about? Nothing less than the alleged threat posed by Muslim immigrant communities. Turning the table around, now more than ever, they are making the case that those communities are the Trojan horse which will allow Islamist terror to strike at the very heart of Europe, so that what it cannot win on the field of battle will be won politically via the democratic method. The cleverness of this argument resides in the fact that it is succeeding in distracting many Europeans from the real threat: the Trojan Horse which resides in the EU Parliament with the neo-Nazis hiding behind democracy and biding their time.


Marine Le Pen

That this is a correct analysis is given away by a recent statement by Marina Le Pen who now, after the Paris attacks, wishes to reinstate the death penalty in France so that apprehended terrorists can swiftly be dealt with. So much for the vaunted superiority of the EU over the US when it came to the administering of justice. In an interview given in the aftermath of the Paris attacks by “Islamo-fascists” the same Le Pen declared that “It is the Islamists who have declared war on France.” Undoubtedly this is a clever ploy to distract attention from where the real threat resides. It certainly does not reside with the “Islamo-fascists” who are condemned by the vast majority of Moslems, but with the neo-fascists who seem to be gaining more and more popular support from the European population at large. Fascism, after all, has a track record and we know well when it eventually leads.


Nigel Farage, leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party

It is also given away by the political strategy of Nigel Farage,  leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), has pushed his populist right-wing party to surprising levels of success with an anti-European Union and anti-immigration stance. It won a second seat in Parliament last year and it is expected to make further gains in Britain in the 2015 election.  After the Paris shooting, Farage, in a radio interview has declared that a  "rather gross policy of multiculturalism has put Britain and other EU countries at risk of such attacks… we do have a ‘Fifth Column’ within our countries"

In Germany there is afoot, as we speak, a populist anti-immigration movement called "Pegida" which is a German acronym for “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West.”  In the past few months the party has drawn thousands of people to weekly marches against Muslim immigrants. One of its post in Facebook reads thus: "The Islamists that Pegida has been warning about for the past 12 weeks, have shown today in France, that they are not just incapable of democracy, but see violence and death as a solution!" 


A recent PEGIDA march in Germany

In Italy we have Matteo Salvini, who is now a member of the European Parliament for Italy and the leader of the Lega Nord party. He tweeted that "it’s at this point clear that we have our ENEMY at home." He has called for an investigation into who funds mosques and asked why Italy's Muslims weren't out in the street protesting the Paris killings. The Lega Nord party, which calls for federalization for Italy's northern regions with an eventual separation from the rest of Italy, has increasingly shifted its attention to immigration.


Matteo Salvini

Dutch politician Geert Wilders, leader of the Party for Freedom, or PVV, released an English-language video condemning the attacks. "It is Islam that inspires the murderers every time again," he says. "The time of looking away should now stop." The PVV is the fourth-largest party in Holland and has frequently criticized the "Islamization of the Netherlands."


Geert Wilders

After the attack in Paris, the controversial Greek party Golden Dawn, often described as "neo-fascist," posted a message on its Web site that used the shooting to criticize the government in Athens: "The Government opens its arms to more and more Islamists in the country and wants to build them a sanctuary in the heart of Athens where they can teach their children how to slaughter infidels untroubled, the Golden Dawn has warned Greeks about the risks to our country from the massive invasion of illegal immigrants for years."


A supporter of ultranationalist Golden Dawn holds a party flag

If, after reading the above facts, the reader still is not persuaded and thinks that there is no neo-fascist resurgence in the EU, I suggest that he think again or suspect that he is afflicted by invincible ignorance.


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