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Je Suis Charlie
by David Sparenberg
2015-01-11 11:48:49
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There has been enough killing.  Now let there be peace.  There has been enough hunger.  Now let there be commensality.  Deadly thirst throughout many places.  Now let there be mercy.

There has been too, too much heartache, hearts breaking.  Now let there be healing.  There has been too, too much sorrow.  Now let there be joy.  Humor and wine and dancing... and laughter.

Every river flows into the one EarthSea.  Every mountain, in cloud swaddled beauty, reaches upward into one Earth protecting sky.

Let every woman, in her love affair with life, declare she is deep rooted and a greening tree.  Let every man, bold in courage, integral in humility, declare he is as trustworthy as a stone in fresh water stream.

Let this be so: setting free from knotted hatred, liberating from thorny fear; there will be goodness.  Enough goodness.  Day and night.  There will be plenty, from the cornucopia.  There will be peace, from endless dialogue.  There will be soul.  O!

There has been enough, I say to you, enough of darkness.  Now, when we awaken in one another's arms, I wish to sing.  I want to be our love song.  The song that warms even the hobo of the heart, Charlie.  Our song: "Let there be light!"

David Sparenberg
10 Jan. 2015

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