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Je suis Charlie-Nuttley
by Patrick McWade
2015-01-09 09:05:48
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Emanuel Paparella2015-01-09 19:08:53
While fully agreeing that freedom of speech should not be legally censored or restricted in democratic countries and that murder is an immoral and illegal answer to abuses of free speech and gross disrespect of religious figures, I do have a question for Mr. Mc Wade: why do you suppose that not a single TV station or mainstream newspaper or magazine has shown to the public the cartoons in question? Could it be the same reason that no mainstream newspaper or magazine shows pornographic pictures? It may legal to do so but why do most publications also consider the moral aspect? And if that is the case has freedom of speech have any limitations, should it considered an end in itself or a penultimate end to achieve some other laudable social benefit as found in most constitutions? Just a question!

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