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Is Russia Finally Losing?
by Bohdan Yuri
2014-12-27 13:11:17
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Now that Russia wants Donbas to stay under Kiev control provided that some form of autonomy is instituted I think it's a perfect time for Ukraine to deny all such requests and make some of its own demands.

After the last two assaults on the airport resulted in over 500 pro-Russian killed and Russia has obviously seen the economic black hole that they are being sucked into so they want to unload the burden.........I say, No!

Instead, grant no form of autonomy.

Now would be the time to behave as a sovereign nation must. One nation, one rule of law.

Remember, Crimea was once autonomous and populated by a host of Russians through the years lending a greater opportunity for Russia to come in and seize it when convenient. The same will be with Donbas with autonomy.

Just as with most countries, each oblast is a state that is a part of (united) Ukraine and makes up all of Ukraine. Slice one section off and the whole of Ukraine bleeds. It cannot be otherwise, or its freedom and respect is lost.

This endeavor must not end until all of Russian held territory is taken back in time by law or by force. And most of all Russia must relinquish all claims to Crimean AND the naval base. Having broken the terms of their lease they should be evicted. Those demands should be the basis of any settlement.

Without such results, Ukraine will always be a victim and slave to Russia.........too many lives have been sacrificed for Ukrainian freedom. They should not be betrayed.


12-16-14 Bloomberg

The irony lies in the fact that if Ukraine suddenly set upon an offensive push to regain its territory they might actually be able to do it despite the overwhelming Russian forces, and here's why:

The Ukrainian forces have a better understanding of what they are now facing and will be able to adapt, and gone are the deserters and turncoats. And as the last two Russian assaults on the airport proved catastrophic to Pro Russian forces (500 dead?) The Russians can be beaten.

In fact, some forces on the frontline also believe that sections can be taken back, should they? Instead of fighting a defensive battle with restraints that only Ukrainians are self-imposing for the sake of peace, should they once again advance.

Meanwhile, the Russian forces which aren't supposed to be there...will they suddenly appear out of no where, will their air force fly into Ukraine...are they willing to actually start WW 3 because that's what it will be. And here the rub....if that threat is real now then it will be there anytime in the near future and the rest of the world will be held hostage forever. Let's raise the white flag now.

But in any case of a negotiated peace, they simple question will be....Whose tanks and soldiers will patrol the streets of Donbas --- Russian or Ukrainian? Will the Pro-Russians allow Ukrainian soldiers entry and stationing in their region. If not then this would not be peace but an appeasement.


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