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Sony's and America's Cream Pie-in-the-Face Conundrum
by Leah Sellers
2014-12-26 11:36:03
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Ahhhh !  We’ve been Hacked by Hackers !  We’ve been Cyber-Attacked and had our Sony Mega-Corporation’s Business Whacked, and a portion of it Sacked !  The Cyber-Clouds are drowning our Profits, our Reputations (due to our very own ugly remarks about other Folks’ Race, Personality Traits and some of our very own Economic Hijinx) have been mutilated and revealed, and are clicking around out-and-about, and here-and-there and Cyber-Clouding everywhere, without a doubt !  And so, the Cyber-Skies are Falling !  Ahhhh !
Yes, it’s True that the movie “The Interview” is just a goofy, spoofy, satirical comedy, which would have had a limited audience range.  It’s definitely no Award Winning piece of Art.  It’s a piece of sticky-icky, chewed-up Bubble Gum Art.  But, nonetheless, it is Art.  It is a vehicle for America’s Cherished Right of Freedom of Speech and Expression.  So, that makes the Cyber-Clouds acid rains even more potentially and broadly devastating and complicatedly complex.
Yes, it’s True that “The Interview” made a Murder Flick.  But not a Murder Flick in which a Fictional Character gets blown away (in fact, their head very literally blows up and out, and off of their shoulders).  Oh no, no.  It a Murder Flick about a very Real and Living Human Being, and not just any very Real and Living Human Being.  Oh no, no.  It is a Murder Flick about the supposedly amusing and clutsy Assassination of the very Real, and very much Alive, Ruler of another Nation State presently known as North Korea. 
A Nation State that does not take kindly to deliberate affronts (although they may be Goofy and Spoofy) to their godlike Leader.  Oh no, no.  They keep a very, very very tight rein on such things no matter who you are or where you may be.  And so, they set their Hacker-Cyber-Attackers to work like a nest of very busy rabble-rousing and muckraking stinging hornets. 
Attack !  Attack !  Cyber-Attacker-Hackers !  Attack and humiliate Sony, and all of their Employees !  Show the American people and the rest of the World how the Movers-and-Shakers of Sony dis-respectfully dis-parage and humiliate the Leader of America ( and in turn themselves) by showing how they de-nigrate his Race !  Show how the Movers-and-Shakers of Sony dis-respectfully dis-parage and humiliate the very Stars who make them so much Profit, and Others who help them make their Movie Art, and also help them to stuff their coffers with Profit.  Attack them !  Extort them !  Threaten and Scare them into Compliance !  Show them what it like to be dis-respected, dis-paraged and humiliated !  Show them !  Make them Cower and Move-and-Shake in their very own yellow leathered Boots !  Bend them to the Will of your Illustrious North Korean Dictator !
Well, maybe………
Or maybe, Sony needed more hype on their Murder-Assassination Flick in order to get a better return on their monies spent on “The Interview”, and had their own little itchy fingers in the making of this now very messy Cream Pie-in-the-Face Fiasco and Clean-up.
As we all know, even the best laid plans have a way of going awry from time to time. Of getting completely out-of-hand.  So, who, but the Guilty Parties, will ever really know just who did what when, and why.    
Yes, it’s true that Sony is a Japanese company, and that the Japanese and North Koreans are not exactly Best Friends.
Yes, it’s True that Russia and China have been giving North Korea’s present and future Hacker-Cyber-Attackers training and guidance, and may have had their itchy fingers in the middle of this Cream Pie thrown at and into the Face of Sony and America.
Yes, it’s true, that because of the increasingly expanding Litigious Nature of all Businesses, that the Theatres billed to view “The Interview” bailed out, because of the Hacker-Cyber-Attackers Extorting threats to do something dastardly to anyone entering their theatre, and to the theatres themselves, if they decided to show The Interview to anyone in the Whole Wide World.  And their extorting threats of impending Violence worked. 
Sony blinked, and now America and Americans, who truly Do Cherish their Ideals and Values of Freedom of Speech and Expression, are left to Deal with all of this messy Cream-Pie-in-the-Face fol-der-rol over a goofy, spoofy Flick that many of them would probably never have voluntarily gone to see.
Now, Americans, who truly Do Cherish their Ideals and Values of Freedom and Speech and Expression are going to demand that this goofy, spoofy Flick be shown in order to Stand Their Ground for their Cherished Ideals and Values that they hold so dear.
Would somebody turn out the Lights and pass the popcorn, please…..

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