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by David Sparenberg
2014-12-23 10:37:30
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remembering the children murdered in school, Peshawar, Pakistan

The men were soulless, impoverished, desperate and burning with rage.  The last thing they owned were their women, illiterates to be ruled with deadly jealousy.

When the women gave birth to daughters, the girls were sold into sex slavery.  When the women gave birth to sons, the boys were taught by their fathers how to fire and reload automatic weapons.

Somebody in the darkness whispered that the world was coming to an end.  Such were the sentiments of heretics and cowards!

The jihadists knew they were the horsemen who had broken the seven seals and nothing remained except killing.

David Sparenberg
16 December 2014

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Leah Sellers2014-12-24 05:35:35
I still have difficulty wrapping my Mind around the fact that there are People in the World who can and will do such heinous acts against all of Humanity. Our Children are Our Future. When we detroy Our Children. WE destroy Our Future.
Yes, I understand the Cycle of Death, you so brutally and artisitcally brought to this Page of Art and Soul, David. But, I am an Eternal Optimist ! With a lot of hard work and determination, Love and Empathy, We Can turn things around for the Better for Everyone !
My Soul-felt Condolences go out to all of these Lost Children's Loved Ones, their Community, and their Country.

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