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10th Birthday
by Asa Butcher
2014-12-20 13:26:41
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Following a genial email and a subsequent caps-lock text message from my good friend Thanos earlier this week, here I am back on Ovi with an editorial celebrating the magazine’s unbelievable 10th birthday. How on earth did we reach our first decade and where did the time go?

The passage of time through my life is now being measured by others, especially by the accomplishments of my nine-year-daughter, who, at this very moment, is entertaining a houseful of her friends as they say farewell to one of their classmates. It’s strange to think our home is full of children not even born when Ovi made its debut in 2004, yet each of them could easily access it now via their smartphone.

Thankfully the technology has been left in their coat pockets as they happily play limbo with a floor brush, suggesting that kids today do have imagination, like being active and enjoy a flexibility that has long since vanished from the aging limbs of both Thanos and I.

The only limbo we engage in today is leaving the other to wonder how we are each doing. Yes, we are both typically male in our contact with one another despite the wide-range of methods we could use to stay in touch across the watery miles between our homes. Still, Thanos is never far from my thoughts and I know that he will forever be my Greek Guardian Angel, albeit without the pious nature and cherubic face.

Thankfully, he keeps me updated on the ups and downs, ins and outs, and general rollercoaster vibe of Ovi, as I struggle to find time to even read all the content that continues to be added to the magazine. Old names and new faces welcome me each time I return to the site, and recently I have even found myself delving into our archives to show friends and colleagues my work from yesteryear…some of it still makes me proud.

Pride is certainly one emotion I feel when considering the many achievements and longevity of Ovi, a project that took on a life of its own and has inspired so many. I’m happy that Thanos harassed me into writing this 10th birthday editorial and I’m flattered you took the time to read to the end.

As for the next ten years… well, the only certainties are my eldest daughter will play less limbo with floor brushes, my own wayward communication with my dear Greek friend will continue and the Ovi magazine will march relentlessly onward.

Happy 10th birthday everybody!

Asa Butcher


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Leah Sellers2014-12-20 18:37:49
Asa, you, and your work with and for Thanos and OVI are a Living Blessing of Art, Literature, Freedom of Speech and Expression, Shared Knowledge, Social Consciousness and what is Best about and within Humanity. Thank you, dear Sir ! Best Wishes to you and Yours !

bohdan2014-12-21 09:11:46
...Yes, most definitely, Thank You Both.

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