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Listen here Mr. Juncker!
by Christos Mouzeviris
2014-12-19 12:01:00
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EU commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker has warned Greece against electing "extreme forces" into power and said he would prefer "known faces" - so far the strongest intervention of the EU top brass in the Greek campaign.

"I think that the Greeks - who have a very difficult life - know very well what a wrong election result would mean for Greece and the euro-zone," Juncker said during an Austrian public TV debate. (EUobserver)

In other words Mr. Juncker and in extent the European elites, are afraid that if Syriza gets in power after the next Greek general elections-something that is very possible- their "necessary economic healing program" that has kept Greece in harsh austerity for the past 5-6 years, will be in jeopardy.

Meaning that both the Greek economy, but what's more important to them-the very euro-zone itself- will face further instability and will be in danger of a total collapse.

As result, Mr. Juncker directly advises the Greek people, to keep voting for the established political parties that are predictable, willing to cooperate and do whatever the European and the global capitalist elites are advising them to do. In other words, those who are happy to proceed with the selling out of their people and their country's resources.

The oxymoron in this case is, that these established Greek political parties, are the very cause of the Greek economic collapse that put the whole euro-zone under the threat of disintegration.

It was these parties who lied about Greece's finances and economy, to join the euro. They are the ones who have made secret deals with Goldman-Sachs to cook the country's books and it was again them who misused EU funds.

Instead of Mr. Juncker and the European elites being angry at them and help the Greek people to punish them by replacing them, it is very peculiar that they now support them and are threatening repeatedly the Greeks that if Syriza comes into power, Greece will be kicked out of the euro and the whole hell will be unleashed upon them!  

In addition, they punish the ordinary Greek citizens with unbearably harsh austerity measures, even if the collapse of the Greek economy was not of their doing, rather of these political elites that Europe now supports.

It is clear that the European elites are corrupt to the core, just as the Greek ones are. They are all in this together, using Greece and other countries under austerity programs not just to simply fix the European economy; but mainly to safeguard the interests of the banks or the global capitalist elites.

Because if they really wanted to help the overall European economy, austerity would not be applied to the periphery states, as they are not the main cause of the faults within the euro-zone. How can a country that amounts for only the 2% of the euro economy, be solely at fault for its woes?

It is evident that Greece is sacrificed and used as a scapegoat, to cover the corrupt and rotten to the core European political and economic reality. Greece is only a small piece of this corrupt monstrosity that Europe has become, or perhaps it always has been.

And as it is the weakest link, it bares the bulk not just of the austerity, but also the slander and propaganda that accompany it, to cover the real issues that plague Europe at the moment.

Yet the European elites do not like to see a change in any country,or their "recipes" disturbed or challenged. No, I do not think that Syriza is the best solution that Greece needs right now, nor I support them.

But it is obvious that Greece-in fact the whole of Europe- needs a political reboot, with many new parties, political voices, ideas and activists that should be entering the mainstream political European reality. We need new politicians and leaders, together with an overall new political and economic reality across the continent. Because the old have failed us!

If Mr. Juncker and his colleagues in the EU institutions want a solution, they better start listening to the people and their needs first, not just the lobbies that surround them. 

The European project must become something that the citizens will aspire to, not something that will be used by the rich elites,of the rich elite nations to maintain their wealth and economic or political status quo. Europe must become an equal continent with equal opportunities for all its citizens, and wealth equally distributed in all its members.

Sadly, I do not hope for Mr. Juncker to share this view, when his country under his leadership became a tax haven, gathering lost revenue from all other EU and non EU member states. Revenue that these countries badly needed and they are now called to collect from their poorer citizens to save their economy.

While Luxembourg of course gladly indulged in the unethical accumulation of the extra revenue and high living standards.The small country naturally is not the only one to be blamed, as many other states-especially the wealthier ones- across Europe have also implemented similar policies.

http://www.irishtimes.com/business/lux-leaksBut how can Europe be truly united if it is unequal, or how can a country be proud or justify the fact that is part of an economic system that promotes inequality and poverty in other regions of the continent?

And not just that but then dare to lecture them on their economic failures and advise them on how to run their country. It is outrageous!

The LuxLeaks scandal has a far greater importance, as it is an indication of the reality that plagues the European economy and I am sure that it is only the tip of the iceberg.

It is in our interests as citizens to demand more transparency plus less intergovernmental-ism in the EU and other European international and national institutions. It is also in our interests to start getting more engaged with European politics, social issues and vote responsibly.

It will be very favorable if we manage to help each other in limiting the power, or replacing the old political elites that have ruled us since WW2. We need new parties to be formed that will bring new ideas, solutions and practices. Either the European establishment likes it or not.

Maybe it is not radical parties like Syriza that we need if we want change, but voting for the same parties that led us to this absolute disaster is definitely not wise or ideal.

Starting from Greece and the other EU states under an austerity program, it will be very refreshing to see new political powers emerging that will actually challenge the current status quo. Parties which will decisively proceed with the necessary reforms that these nations and in extent Europe itself, desperately need.

Because if these reforms do not take place, then the radical far right parties will surely become even more powerful in the future; and we all know what happens when these elements come to power.

Thus, if the European elites want the Greeks not to vote for extremist parties, they better start helping the citizens -not the rich of the country- getting back on their feet and gain their trust again on the importance of the EU institutions. The rise of radical political parties in Greece was after all, partially of Europe's making!

By mishandling the EU economy plus allowing plutocracy, greed, elitism and intergovernmental-ism be at the core of European and Greek politics, parties like Syriza and the Golden Dawn in Greece-but also many similar ones in other EU nations- found the opportunity to gain power.

Perhaps if the European establishment fears the challenges that these parties bring, they should soon proceed with something that they should have done decades ago; reform and reinvent themselves.

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Emanuel Paparella2014-12-19 21:42:05
“…the old have failed us.”

To the contrary, I would suggest that, if it be true that the old have failed us, it is also true that the old and the not so old have abysmally failed to listen to the very old; that is to say, they have ignored the founding fathers of the European Union who envisioned a polity built on democratic ideals with a cultural identity true to its historic heritage. We have instead embraced a savage kind of capitalism and a value-free positivism contemptuous of religious values. I would be willing to wager that precious few of today’s young are able to even identify those ideals and principles, never mind put them into practice. As the saying goes, what goes around comes around and It may be high time to go back to the future.

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