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We Can Breathe !
by Leah Sellers
2014-12-12 12:36:26
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We Can Breathe !
Don’t Bring Me down
Don’t Hold Me down
Don’t Choke Me down
Forever Silence Me
When I stretch out My Hand
To Grasp Yours
In Extended Needed Trust
And You stretch out Your Hand
To Grasp Mine
In Extended Needed Trust
Can Breathe !
When that Moment
Of Extended Needed Trust
Is Imbued with
The Peaceful
Dignity and Disciplines
Of Attempted Understandings
Eventual Empathy
Open Ears
Open Hearts
Open Minds and Souls
Actions of Compassion
Equal Justice
And Opportunities
For All under the Law
And Nurturing and Sustaining
Bridge Building
We Can Breathe !
We Can !
Breathe !
We Can Soar and Sing !
We Can !
Soar !
We Can !
Sing !
It All Begins and Ends
With the Ability and Capacity
To Breathe !

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