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Astrology of Apartheid
by David Sparenberg
2014-12-10 11:25:46
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Astrology of Apartheid

I am black
black in the astrology of apartheid

I am a black door
a black wall
a black woman
a black man
a black child
a black cat
and a black dog

an antlered deer silhouette
in the forest of midnight
the black howl
of a despairing wolf
a black owl
on the tree of death
a black star
behind the dark side of the moon

the peephole
in the door of shackled iron
the chink
in the wall to freedom
the blood
on the target of the face in the shadows
in the streets of poverty
on the nightly news

and Ferguson
and Soweto

by a black thorn
on the tree of death

I am black
in the astrology of apartheid
the politics of race


David Sparenberg
2 December 2014

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Leah Sellers2014-12-11 06:07:06
Oh, Brother David,
Starkly and brutally Beautiful, and oh, so Heartbreakingly True, dear Sir. But there is always Hope and continued Growth to be found and had in every Step Forward that we take in Awareness, Civil and Peaceful Discourse and Protestation, and eventually Action toward Transforming things as they Are into things as they more Positively and Beneficially Can Be. Thank you !

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