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Hellish OutComes
by Leah Sellers
2014-12-09 08:38:41
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Why would Americans hurt Our Soldiers, ISIS/ISIL ?  The Men and Women who are sworn to Protect and Serve America and its Citizens ?
These Soldiers that you are trying to turn into targets within America by wooing more Idiots over to your so called “cause” are Our Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, Sisters, Sons and Daughters.  We will Stand Our Ground for One and All.  But it doesn’t mean that we’ll fall Prey to another one of your Honey Traps.
Sure, you (ISIS/ISIL and all of your counterparts and partners in your Crimes against Humanity) may convince, seduce and manipulate a few Mis-guided crazies - a few idealistically twisted, frustrated and confused boys and girls to join your Insanity - your Destructive Societal Wrecking Ball.  But not the American Majority.  We will Protect and Serve Our Own, and continue to Pray that ISIS/ISIL comes to its Senses, and returns to its Humanity.
America is continuing to go through Her own Transformation right now.  She is dealing with Her own ancient wrongs, tribulations, and griefs, and is trying to Work through them Peacefully and Positively.  We’re Choosing, for the most part, not to go around be-headin’ anybody.
Americans, young and old, are lifting their Voices in the Ancient  and Powerful Songs of Equality for One and All under the Law, Basic Human Rights, Equal Opportunities for One and All and Justice for All.
Peaceful Protesters are struggling to have their Voices and their Messages for Just and Decent Changes within our American Systems Heard over the few Idiots who want to destroy and burn things down to the ground belonging to others American Citizens just trying to eek out a daily Living, and take care of their Families and Communities.
Peaceful Protesters are putting their Concerns, gripes and Needs before their Leaders and the Nation, and seeking to Work through their Problems with their Intellect and Open Hearts.  So that America can Abide the Growing-up Pangs she’s suffering through and struggling with right now.
The Peaceful Protesters are Choosing not to use guns, knives, bombs, tanks and poisonous, Hate-filled propaganda, which will eventually poison the Poisoners ThemSelves.  And oops !  There’s an antidote shortage.
Our Soldiers are the Beloved and Cherished Children of America.  Not targets practice for disgruntled mis-creants who want to spread their Nihilistic Hell to the Four Corners of the Earth.
America, through and because of the Integrity of President Obama, has Faced-Up to and Admitted to Her past Mis-takes, and has been trying to Amend them.
Yes, Arabian peoples, you have righteous reasons for your hatreds, angers and dis-illusionments.  You have lost generations of your Own Children to the horrors and vagaries of seemingly Endless Wars, which America has continued to be involved in for a vast array of Reasonings and UnReasonings.
But look to your Own Leaders for Correction from that worthless and destructive course of Actions and Transformation.  You will not find it upon the Streets of America.  Your Salvation lies within YourSelves and the Leaders of your Nations.
Stop, Working so hard to yank America and the rest of the World into Armageddon, because there are some Fundamentalist Conservative Groups just as idealistically angry, frustrated and dis-illusioned as yourselves, and of your own ilk, who would just as idiotically embrace Armageddon with open arms.  And, like you, Choose to set a Global Inferno.
Get hold of YourSelves.  Stop and Think before you touch the blistering, hot handle of that Abysmal Door……
There’s no Turning Back…..no Turning Back.  And it is a guarantee that no one on this beautiful blue-green gemstone of a Planet will be pleased with that Action’s Hellish OutComes.

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Mirella Ionta2014-12-10 00:20:44
I agree Ms. Sellers. The U.S Government should not send their ground troops abroad. Too many were soldiers were aimlessly lost in the Iraqi war. It is usually when ground troops are sent.

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