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Holy Book Thumpers and Stumpers
by Leah Sellers
2014-12-02 11:17:08
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“Yep, you’re right, Sam.  Holy Book Thumpers and Stumpers do come in two varieties and all the shades therein.  Some Folks Thump and Stump the Holy Book to the get the Darker Energies stirrin’.  To find excuses to get the Drums of War, Persecution and Destruction thrummin’.  To get the demons of Hell hoppin’-and-a-jumpin’.  While other Folks Thump and Stump The Holy Book to get Open-Hearted, Open-Minded and Open-Handed Peace, Compassion, Mutual Respect and Dignity for All, and Aspects of Heaven on Earth.  To walk and talk with their Better Angels.”  
“You’re also right about Some Evils bein’ worse than others.  Some evils just stick in the craw and burn more than others,” Jethro mused and grunted.  “I agree with you about those ISIS/ISIL fella’s killin’ that Army Ranger transformed into ‘a young man without a gun‘, who did nothin‘ to deserve his be-headin‘ on t.v..  Peter Kassig was a young man with Love in his Heart and Soul for the Syrian people.  For the peoples of the World.  He converted to the Muslim Faith.  He set up a Charity for the Syrians and worked Hands-on amongst them as a Medical Assistant. He was a Good Soul.  A Wonderful Human Bein’.  A Son any Father or Mother would be proud of, and those black flag wavin’, masked marauders be-headed that boy, along with some other Muslim captives for the pure calculated and calculating Evil spite of it.  They are not doin’ all of that blood lettin’ killin’ before cameras, and for the Global Public’s consumption for the Glory of Allah and the Arabian people.  They’re doin’ all of that killin’, and wavin’ it into the Faces of Folks for the pure manipulative Evil Power of it.  Those ISIS/ISIL fella’s are revelin’ in the blood and chaos they’re goin’ out of their way to create within their own Countries and elsewhere.”
“Heck, you’d think that they hate their own kind, that they hate Muslims as much as all of the Westerners they’re mutilatin’ for Public Consumption.  They’re beating, stoning, shooting and murderin’ every Muslim that doesn’t believe in or want to follow their brutal and oppressive Thumpin’ and Stumpin’ Rules and Laws.  Ask me, they have Dark Souls and Dark Intentions for the Middle East and the rest of the World.  They all need a ‘Come to Jesus’ Moment.  Although, I guess they’d call it a “Come to Allah” Moment.”
“Yep, Jethro, but what I don’t get is why all of the other Arabian Nations seem to be so mamby-pamby about goin’ up against ‘em ?  I just don’t get it,”  Sam interjected.
“Yeah, I’m with you regardin’ that line of thinkin’, too, Sam.  Why even in our own Country it took groups of fine Christian Men and Women comin’ together in order to Stand Up against the bigotries, discriminations, hatreds and violent deeds of similar evil Hearted villains callin’ themselves the Ku Klux Klan, and other hate groups of all kinds just like ‘em, to get under some kind of tolerable control.  In fact, we‘re still havin‘ to work against that part of our Nation‘s darker nature from time to time just to maintain some kind of equilibrium for one and all.”
“Where are the groups or tribes or whatever else they want to call themselves of fine Muslim Men and Women, other than the Kurds, willin’ to Stand Up against these nasty minded, heartless, Nation-Killin’ and Soul Killin’ Brutes of ISIS/ISIL ?  Just where are they ?”  Jethro asked irritably.
“Sam, we gotta’ ask ourselves Why they are not takin’ that Stand ?  Are they Afraid ?  Is it because of all of the ’ole gol’danged complicated and convoluted feuds and grudges that have existed amongst all of the different tribes since time in memorial ?  Or, maybe grudges and resentments or new allegiances that got re-structured and re-formed when we Westerners stepped into the picture to meddle in their lives years ago, that are stoppin’ them from gettin’ these destructive ISIS/ISIL sidewinders under wraps ?”
Sam sighed and replied, “ Maybe the majority of Fine Muslim Men and Women you’re goin’ on about are in agreement with these ISIS/ISIL fella’s.  Maybe they’re deliberately allowin’ them to roam around free to destroy and Create Chaos, because it suits their own selfish agendas, aims or grudges.” 
“Heck, Jethro, they’re so many tribal factions throughout the Middle East, it’s hard to keep up with ’em.  The Sunnis hate the Shia.  The Shia are controlled by the Shia in Iran, and they hate the Sunnis.  And they all hate this Assad fella’ who turned out to be a terrible tyrant.  And the Turks hate the Kurds.  Heck, they all hate one group or another, and most of ’em are really fed up with the West, and for good reason.  They associate us with the constant turbulence and destruction of their Nations.”
“And don’t forget that the Arabian World, the Mega-Corps and Mega-Banks got used to usin’ the voraciously oily and greedy appetites of the West to help them consolidate their Powers and their Empires, and control and manipulate their people’s tribal passions and rivalries to their Benefit, Sam,”  Jethro added.
“The Arabian Leaders are afraid of what losin’ the West as a Mercenary Force, Shield and a Foil will create in their Nations, because if the West decides not to Play their little Game anymore, that Power Vacuum will land their People’s Angry Eyes and Hungry Bellies right smack dab on them, and that will definitely bring their chickens home to roost,”  Jethro frowned.
“Whew-wee.  Gonna’ be some mighty rotten eggs found in that Hen House,”  Sam exclaimed.
“Heck, as long as they keep the West in Play with the problems and machinations they and the West unknowingly and knowingly set-up, they can keep the Hell Hounds of their own makin’ at bay, and have their people Scapegoat and blame the West for everything.  But, if the West says, No, we’re not Playin’ these Games anymore !  We’re climbin’ out of the Sand
Box !” Sam declared.
“Yeah, and then the Arabian leaders and tribes will have to face the Music they wrote themselves upon The Wall !”  Jethro added.
“And as for all of this talk of Nuclear development in Iran, when all of this cozyin’ up is goin’ on with ISIS/ISIL by all of these different warrin’ factions.  Forget it !  Why in the world would anyone give permission to a bunch of juvenile delinquents to wind up playin’ with Fire and expect good and just results to come from it ?”  Sam said pointedly.
“You’ve got a Middle East filled with Rage and Confusion over a vast population’s perpetuated Poverty, Dis-empowerment, Dis-enfranchisement and Oppression being acted out through heinous, murderous mass shootings, be-headings, rape, torture, public beatin’s, stonings of women for adultery, when, Sam, you and I both know that it takes Two to Tango, sending the message that Women are second class Citizens and Scapegoats for the indiscriminate passions of men.  That Women are nothin’ more than Sacrifice for whatever Men choose to Sacrifice them to.  And then the Womenfolk are the ones that wind up bein‘ stoned ?!  What sense does that make ?”  Jethro said with conviction.
“And we’re supposed to trust these Folks with Nuclear Weapons in Iran ?  Heck, ISIS/ISIL, and all of their sinful human failing’s are the proof in the puddin’ as to why they shouldn’t have Nuclear power.  They’d blow us all to kingdom come, and call it the will of Allah.  Why stick with whackin’ one Human Head off at a time when with the push of the button you can have ‘em all and Armageddon, too ?!”  Jethro continued.
“Fact is, the whole gol’durned World needs to tamp down on Nuclear Bomb makin’ and threats.  Why do we keep on creatin’ things to blow ourselves to smithereens with ?  It has never made any sense to me, Jethro,”  Sam shook his head.
“Me neither, Sam.  There are more positive and better ways of Changin’ the World we live in, so that EveryOne, and their Families, are more comfortable and better off in it.  And none of those ways involves blowin’ or nukin’ the Earth out of the Galaxy,”  Jethro said forcefully.
“Sam, the Holy Book Thumpers and Stumpers are gonna’ thump and stump no matter what we or anybody else does.  That’s just what Holly Book Thumpers and Stumpers do.  They thump and stump.  But, seems to me that as long as we have Good Souls like the Peter Kassig’s of this World doin’ the Blessed things that they Do for as long as they can Do ’em, the World has a chance to Survive, and eventually Rise Above the Evils we’ve been perusin’ over in the middle of this ’ole cow pasture.  In fact, I think that it‘s about time we got back to work on mendin‘ that fence down by the creek.”  Jethro said huskily.
“I like the sound of that, Jethro.  In fact, I’d call that a Thumpin’ Good  Idea, pardner, a Thumpin’ and Stumpin’ Good Idea.”

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