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The American Spring and Fall/ The Arab Spring and Fall.....
by Leah Sellers
2014-11-19 09:50:06
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Both the American Spring (the election of Barak Obama as President of the United States of America, and an Open Call for a Re-Energized and laser Focus on the continued strengthening of All Americans expanded Human Rights, Freedoms and Life Opportunities Economically and Socially) and the Arab Spring (the struggle for Democracy, and expanded Human Rights, Freedoms and Life Opportunities Economically and Socially) have been, for the most part, dis-appointing and dis-illusioning.  Thusly, Americans and Arabs, and many Others around the World excited by the Ideation of a Global Spring have gotten mopey and grumpy.  Have, for the most part, become regressively and irritably Re-Actionary or depressively even more dis-enfranchised, Apathetic and dis-engaged.
So, the Spring has become a Fall - a Free Fall.
Barak Obama is not The Problem, Folks.  He has become the Vessel of Our Hopefilled Expectations and the Scapegoat of Our effectively (we must give the Republicans, and some Democrats, and their Mega-Corporation, Mega-Bank, Mega-Weapons Industries, Mega Medical Insurance Corporation, etc…, cronies and cohorts their due) Obstructed Expectations.
Have you ever known of anyone with a full blown Obstructed Colon ?  It can become Septic, poisoning the Individual Obstructed to Death.  Nation’s are much same.  Allow political, judicial, economic Obstruction to go on for too long and the Nation begins to poison itself from within. The Nation can Sicken, Convulse and Die. And then comes the circling, scavenging buzzards to pick on and pick up whatever’s left.
The Problems presently eating America’s Lunch (breakfast and supper), and every other Nation’s breakfast, lunch and supper, have been in the Making for a very, very long time.  We are All Living within Traditional and Cultural Systems that need to Transform and Transmutate into other Forms and Constructs of All of our Making.
The Problems we are all suffering and acting out within Live within each and every American and Global Citizen, in one form or another, and to one degree or another.  Racism, Bigotry, Dis-crimination, Sexism, Classism, Greed, Hubris, Selfishness, Hatred….etc..  They are, each and every one of them, eventual Nation Killers, if they go on, and on, without being Addressed, Analyzed, Understood, and Healed.  And each and every one of these steps toward Healing require Work.  Hard Work.  Difficult Internal and External Work, Individually and Collectively.
Otherwise, these Nation Killing Characteristics, Ideations and Habituations implode and explode annihilating Good Individuals and Great Nations.
Remember Candy Cigarettes and Bubble Gum Cigars ?  They were, and in some areas still are, for the most part, sold in convenience stores everywhere.  They entice Our Children to Eat and Chew upon the very negative Ideations and Habituations of the Adults around them that they are so anxious to emulate.
When I grow up I’m gonna’ Smoke !  I’ll Look and Be sooo cool (puff-puff, wheeze-wheeze, hack-hack) !
Why do we continue to Hand the negative Traditional and Cultural negative Ideations and Habituations of Candy Cigarettes and Bubble Gum Cigars over to our Children knowing that the real ones are Killing Sticks that create slowly creeping cancers that will eventually destroy their Health and their Lives ?
Nation’s are the same.  What negative Ideations and Habituations are we passing on to our Future Generations ?  What positive Ideations and Habituations can we Amalgamate, Expand and Build Upon for our Future Generations ?
Obama was, and still is for many, the symbol and Chosen Vessel for America’s continued Evolution into Greatness and Enlightened Being.  He stood under open Skies and Offered Americans (and the World) the Dreams of our Hearts and Minds, and we were so over-joyed by Our accomplishment of Voting him into office, that we laughed and cried simultaneously.
Americans Voted with Pride and Exultation and announced to the World that the Racially and Socially diminished - The Other - can Rise !  Can BeCome the President of a Mighty Nation !
Americans, in vast numbers, had Chosen to Allow a Black Man (and all of the different shades of gray that represented for each and everyone of us) into The White House.  And with that Act of Collective Enlightened Courage Barak Obama immediately donned a multitude of Friends and dangerously Destructive and Obstructive Enemies.
The Arabs, and Others around the World seeking similar Great Ideals to Live by and Adaptable Change of some of their negative Ideations and Habituations (Candy Cigarettes and Bubble Gum Cigars) also encountered Friends and dangerously Destructive and Obstructive Enemies.
When Americans Voted for Barak Obama they were telling Washington (and the World) that the Reality that Washington (and some State governments) were Creating was not the Reality that they wanted or needed Created.
That they wanted and needed a World Reality which stopped punishing and oppressing the Poor and the Different.  That stopped punishing and oppressing whatever and whoever the Status Quo wanted and needed everyone else to Label as The Other.  To stop being Exclusionary, and instead Create Systems and a World in which all were Included, treated with Dignity and Respect, and given Equal Opportunities to Prosper, find Happiness within, and Thrive.
Well, times got tough, and Hope and Change began to lose their effervescent glow.  And so, many Americans (and Arab and Global Citizens) started shaking their bony, little Blaming Fingers around (primarily at Obama), and running toward What is Known out of Fear and Uncertainty - Conservatism.
Close the Borders (Internally and Externally) !  Be punitive and hateful !  Be murderous and spiteful !  Create a militarily/spiritually based Caliphate !  Impeach Obama !  Refuse to allow anything to pass through Congress !  Get rid of Affordable HealthCare for All !  Shut down the Government !  Secede !  Be Exclusionary and Squash Difference or Dis-Agreements !  Murder, Be-Head, Rape, Torture !  Blow everything and everyone apart !  Uphold the very Status Quo that we have been trying to break Free of !  Create a Cage of Closing Opportunities for All but The Few !
Be suspicious and paranoid !  Reject and hurt all Others !  Grab the old archaic Gods and stifling, killing Traditions and Customs which Benefit The Chosen Few !  Embrace old Destructive Behavioral Patterns, not Behavioral Patterns of Adaptable Evolution !  Embrace De-Evolution into Destructive Knowns, and run from the possibilities of Character-Building UnKnowns !
Obama’s Presidency created an Obstructive Furor in American politics that led the Iotola Ted Cruz and his vassals to Shut Down the Government, and ruin America’s credit rating.  It made most other Democrats run for cover, because Obama, and his Team, have been attempting to hold off the Mega Oil, Coal and Gas Corporations that are striving hard to grind down American Lands and Water Aquifers to a poisoned and ruined pulp.  And trying to get America converted more fully into a Green Energy Nation.
He also made the Insurance, Medical Device, Medical and Pharmaceutical  Corporations get upset tummies when he, and the Honorable Harry Reid, pushed the Affordable HealthCare Act through Congress and made it the Law of the Land (when the Democrats had control of the Congress).  Yes, the Affordable Care Act is full of kinks that need to be worked out, and an Universal Single-Payer HealthCare System would have been simpler, cleaner and more productive to create, but anything helping Americans get the Medical Care that they Need is better than nothing.
These, and many other trumped up and over-blown issues, including getting us out of  the Endless Wars within Wars that we had allowed ourselves to become embroiled within, and which were maiming and killing our Future Generations and robbing our Nation’s Treasure,  made many Democrats cowards over the Mid-Term Elections.  Many of them ran away from President Obama, and much of what he Stood for that had gotten him Voted into office by the majority of Americans to begin with.  Then these same cowardly Democrats, went out and stumped for everyone’s Vote.
Why would anyone Vote for Folks who ran away from the very Ideals and Needs that had brought Obama to the White House in the first place ?  How would anyone really know what they stood for ?  Didn’t they realize that by running away from Obama they were giving Power to the very arguments and ruinous remarks the Republicans were making about everything that Obama had been fighting to get for the American People against great odds ?  That the Vessel representing the UpLifted and Exalted Other would be diminished by the very Party and Folks that had striven to UpLift and Exhault The Other and a Greater Future for All in the first place ?
Most Voting Democrats just stayed home out of outright disgust and dis-appointment. 
The American People weren’t giving the Republicans a mandate to pull America toward far right Conservatism.  Toward the destructive National and Global Ideations and Habituations that we All Need to sift through and Change for the Better.  They were expressing their disgust over the cowardice of many of the Democrats running, and letting Washington know that they wanted an End to the Obstruction that is hurting the forward Motion and Growth of America as a Whole. Americans were saying, “Alright Congress, get to Work.  We need Jobs Bills, Infra-structure Bills, the Affordable Care Act fixed (not done away with), the Immigration Bill passed,…etc..  Get Busy and get to Work !”
So, the American Spring has BeCome the American Fall, the Arab Spring has BeCome the Arab Fall and the Global Spring has BeCome the Global Fall.    But the Heated and Transformational Frictions and Sparks Created within the Phoenix Rise and Fall of National Ideations and Habituations requires us to Seek out and Embrace the Darkest Hearts and Wills of our God(s), and OurSelves.  Only then can we Rise to the Light - to the more Beneficially Enlightened versions and creations of OurSelves.
We are a Water Planet.  We’re Creatures of Cyclical Ebbs and Flows - Risings and Fallings…..and Rise……

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