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A Handshake
by Leah Sellers
2014-11-01 12:59:17
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A Handshake
Is that an Open Hand ?
Is it an Invitation ?
A Recommendation ?
Is my pausing for Observation
A reluctant Reservation
Of Hesitation
Contributing to my present Consternation and Perseveration ?
The Open Palm of your Hand
Like a Turtle on its back
Its wriggling, upended digits Hopefully Expectant
Seeking Terra Firma
Common Ground
If I Touch the Open Palm of your Hand
With the Open Palm of my Hand
And we Share the cordially Expected HandShake
Will my World rumble, tumble and Quake ?
Will the Palm Bond and Shake
Be a Mis-take ?
Or the Shining Opportunity of a LifeTime ?
My LifeTime ?
Your LifeTime ?
This simply complicated Complexity of an Open Hand
An extended Open Hand……and Shake…….

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