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900 Rohingyas per day fleeing Arakan
by Rohingya Human Rights
2014-11-04 11:49:43
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An average of 900 Rohingyas per day  fleeing Arakan  
as Myanmar executes  detention against those not accept  the term"Bengali"

By Nurul Islam

Despite the atrocities being committed against the Muslims of Arakan, better known as Rohingyas, the international community has so far done nothing to protect these people. The world appears to be sitting on the fence, as these people are being systematically persecuted.This minority Muslim community in Myanmar — termed the most persecuted people living on the face of earth — has been turned into refugees in their own country. The Rohingyas are a people with no civil rights and from time to time subjected to indiscriminate violence. The world became slightly acquainted with these people following the violent attacks and acts of arson of 2012.

Until 1982 Rohingyas were recognized as citizens of Myanmar(Burma). After obtaining Independence from British Muslim Rohingyas enjoyed their fundamental rights until 1982. Suddenly, all the citizenship privileges or their fundamental rights were snatched away by promulgating Burma Citizenship-ACT 1982. Not only that imposed restrictions on Rohingya movement, higher education, business, government service, marriage, new born, religious freedom and they were totally confined in homes for that their daily life have been seriously effected. They are indirectly forcing to flee their ancestral land, Arakan in order to make Arakan a Muslim free state. Myanmar security forces involved during communal riot in Arakan erupted in 2012. Ultra-Buddhist Rakihine nationalists attacked Muslim Rohingyas in 2012 with the help of Myanmar security forces.The Myanmar Quasi-civilian government drafted a Rohingya plan to force Rohingyas to accept the term "Bengali". As per the plan Rohingyas who denies to accept the term "Bengali"( migrants from Bangladesh ) to be in prison for two years. In northern Arakan some  educated Rohingyas were detained on charge of  instigating villagers not to accept the term were killed and the dead bodies were thrown to river.

A growing sense of despair has caused a mass exodus of Rohingya Muslims from western Myanmar, with at least 8,000 members of the minority fleeing by boats in the last two weeks, according to residents and a leading expert. The Rohingyas who have fled since communal violence broke out two years ago has now topped 100,000. Chris Lewa, director of the nonprofit Rohingya advocacy group Arakan Project, said an average of 900 people per day have been piling into cargo ships moored off Rakhine state since the 15th of October, 2014. Lewa said Friday that some Rohingya families have been told the huge cargo ships already have started arriving in neighboring Thailand, where Rohingya face deportation or fall victim to human trafficking. Lewa also said a number of Rohingya were also moving overland to Bangladesh and on to India and Nepal. Myanmar is a Buddhist nation of 50 million including an estimated 1.3 million Rohingya, who are known to have arrived from neighboring Bangladesh generations ago.

rihaya01The Rohingya have been denied Myanmar citizenship and have been attacked by Buddhist mobs, which has left hundreds dead and 140,000 trapped in camps. The majority live in the northern tip of Rakhine state, where an aggressive campaign by authorities in recent months to register family members and officially categorize them as "Bengali", implying they are illegal migrants from neighboring Bangladesh. Rohingya villagers who spoke to the Associated Press news agency said that some of them were confined to their villages for weeks at a time for refusing to take part in the "verification" process; others beaten or arrested. Dozens of men have been detained for alleged ties to the armed Rohingya Solidarity Organization recently, said Khin Maung Win, a resident from Maungdaw township, adding that at least one reportedly died from injuries sustained during interrogation. Lewa had similar reports. Rakhine state spokesman, Win Myaing, denied any knowledge of arrests or abuse. "There's nothing happening up there," he told the Associated Press news agency. "There are no arrests of suspects of RSO. I haven't heard anything like that." Every year, Eid al-Adha, which is celebrated by Muslims worldwide, marks the beginning of a major exodus of Rohingya in Rakhine state, in part due to calmer seas but also because it is a final chance to spend time with family and friends. Despite that, numbers have nearly doubled from the same period in 2013. The United Nations, which has labeled the Rohingya one of the most persecuted religious minorities in the world, earlier this year confirmed figures provided by Lewa about a massive exodus that began after communal violence broke out in 2012, targeting members of the religious minority.

Myanmar`s "Rohingya plan", "accept the term "Bengali" or be detained" is the latest effective weapon of Myanmar military backed quasi-civilian government to evict Rohingyas from Arakan soil and make it a Muslim void  Buddhist Rakhine state. Rohingyas are victims of religious and racious discrimination for decades. Bangladesh will never accept Rohingyas as of its citizens, as what`s  the Myanmar alleging them because Rohingyas did not migrated from Bangladesh and historically their existence in Myanmar was from  time immemorial. So, Myanmar`s claim against Muslim Rohingya is totally baseless, visionary and politically motivation. To protect Rohingyas from  barbarity of their ruler , international intervening is most crucial  and inevitable. The human drama going on in Myanmar for so long is no secret. Covering it up and seeing nothing wrong in permitting evil will just strengthen the troubles afflicting the world. Countries of the world must therefore prioritize justice and love, rather than self-interest, first in the name of mankind, and then in consideration of this horrifying scenario. The world must therefore extend a hand to the Rohingya Muslims who have been systematically persecuted for so long. It must not be deceived, but must find a solution for this wronged people.

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