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Please, Stop Insulting Lone Wolves
by Leah Sellers
2014-10-28 12:15:04
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In many Native American Indian legends and stories, the Wolf is the Teacher - the Pathfinder - the Progenitor of New Ideas.
The Lone Wolf Seeks out Aloneness for Self Enlightenment by gathering the Knowledge and Skills it will Need to Be Self-Nurturing and Self-Sustaining.   Then Lone Wolf then Returns to the Pack - the Tribe - the Clan - the Nation in order to Teach and Share its Knowledge, Skills and Life’s Medicines with the Pack - the Tribe - the Clan - the Nation so that they can all BeCome Self and Other Nurturing and Sustaining.
Terrorists Choosing to Act Out Alone or in Packs (on the Orders of Others or not) are not worthy of Being called Wolves.
Terrorists are not Seeking Self Enlightenment.  They are not Seeking to gather the Knowledge and Skills needed to be Self and Other Nurturing and Sustaining.
Terrorists are not Pathfinders, they are Detours to Ruination and Heartbreak.
Terrorists are not Teachers.  They are the Dark Terminators - the Shadow Annihilators of Lives - of decent, Basic Human Rights and struggling Nations.
A Lone Terrorist.  A Gaggle of Terrorists are all the same.  They are not Creators.  They are Destroyers.
They are the Dis-possessed, the Dis-enfranchised, the Dis-posables who in trying to make their Voices of Frustration, Anger, Dis-appointment, Fear, and Oppression heard, have Chosen to become the Underbelly of the Demonic Beasts within them.  They Choose to BeCome the very thing that they say that they Hate, and they validate and justify their monstrous Sins against Humanity and the Cosmos in the name of the very God/Allah they say that they Honor and Love with every ounce of their Being.
Terrorists are Howling, Wailing and Railing Destructive Demons, not Lone Wolves or Packs of Wolves.
In order to Right the World we All Live upon, All Nations, All Peoples must Begin the very difficult and arduous Work of Transforming the very dysfunctional (but salvageable) Cultural, Political, Economic, Judicial, Corporate, Banking……. Systems Humankind has created that have in turn created the very dysfunctional Terrorists acting out all over the World.
The Terrorists have legitimate Societal Beefs to Howl about.  But they have Decided to BeCome Howling Demons lusting for Self-Fulfillment and Self-Worth through Blood, Pain, Gore, Hatred, Bigotry, Dis-crimination, Sexism and Destruction; not Wolves.
So, in the Chaotic, Fear-based and Destruction oriented meantime, please, at least, Stop insulting Wolves !

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