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Two Birthday Cards...
by Leah Sellers
2014-10-23 11:24:45
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Hello Mama
Yes Ma’am, I know that you won’t Be with Us for your Birthday…..
But, I’m going to Celebrate your Birthday anyway.
Remember, how I used to always Give you
Two Birthday Cards ?
One was Funny and One was Serious.
You’d always Ask to open the Funny Card first.
It would Joke about your Age or your Chickens
Or your Geese or your Goats or your Cats or your Dogs……
And we’d Laugh and Laugh
And Discuss the Artist’s Work
And how we might have Drawn or Colored this or that Critter differently
Then you’d open the Serious Card
Almost Reverently
The Card that Beautifully and Classically
Depicted a magnificent or simple Place in the Natural World
And Poetically expressed a Daughter’s Love, Honor and Respect
For her Mother
And their Familial and Spiritual Bond
Then you’d Cry and I’d Cry
And we’d Laugh and Laugh
At one another’s Sentimentality
And tell one another how much we Cherished one another’s Company
And then we’d give one another
A Big Hug
Well, I’m Hugging you Real Big right now, Mama…..
Real Big……

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hooty owl2014-10-27 21:20:43
missing her too....

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