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15 benefits of leaving Facebook
by Jay Gutman
2014-10-20 11:25:49
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No doubt some people have gained a great way to earn a living thanks to Facebook. Some writers sold thousands of books by promoting them on Facebook. Being an “event organizer” is a new trendy job where people create events, advertise them on Facebook and charge expensive fees for the opportunity to meet total strangers.

Well-known companies find great ways to advertise on Facebook, by offering 10 cent discounts on their 5 dollar coffee or burgers and still find thousands who fall for the offer.

I was one of Facebook’s victims, spending hours browsing my news feed rather than doing what I was supposed to be doing. I know there are millions of others like me.

Since I left Facebook, the internet has become what it should be: an open-access, huge library in which I can check facts and learn new stuff.

Here are 15 immediate benefits that you will find by leaving Facebook:

1-    1.  Your room will be cleaner

You will no longer forget to pick up your laundry because you were busy chatting with that friend, or postpone cleaning your apartment because you have too much to catch up with on Facebook.

2-    2.  Your productivity will increase 1,000 fold

You will no longer interrupt writing that report to check your notifications on Facebook. You will no longer interrupt that novel you’re reading because you’ve suddenly thought about a witty status update, then will be busy checking if people are “liking” it.

3-     3. You will do things for yourself

You will no longer go to that restaurant or take that trip just because you want to upload pictures on Facebook. You will love your partner for who he or she is, not for how he or she makes you look on Facebook.

4-     4. You will pass those exams

You will no longer interrupt studying for that exam because you’re too busy browsing Facebook.

5-     5.  You will have peace of mind

You will no longer be disturbed by all that horrifying news you see on Facebook.

6-      6.   You will not be tempted to be a writer/blogger/youtuber for a living

You will realize that your friends who become full-time writers or bloggers are probably having trouble make ends meet, and the only ones who read them are their Facebook friends.

7-      7.  You will make more money

Or at least you will find out that there are ways of making money outside Facebook, and that no one is looking at them.

8-      8. You will no longer have Dutch debates

A Dutch debate is a debate where people start overanalyzing to an extreme point. You will save those debates for the pub.

9-     9. You will have more things to talk about with your friends

Your friends won’t have heard your news for a very long time. They’ll actually want to know what you have been up to.

10   10. You will no longer have to hear people complaining

Complaining is best done when it’s a friend who complains about life for five minutes. Once those five minutes have passed, you can change the topic to the weather and hope he or she won’t complain about that.

11   11. You’ll be able to sort out who your actual friends are

Just because someone comments frequently on your Facebook page, doesn’t necessarily mean he or she is an actual friend. Would they help you move to a new place or give you tips to find a job? Is that person even in town?

12   12. You’ll learn that life is simple

You don’t have to choose what your next move to attract attention should be. Become a vegetarian? Convert to Buddhism? You can take time to think more rationally about making such life commitments rather than rashly posting about them on Facebook.

13   13. You’ll avoid embarrassment

Remember that awesome job you had that you used to show off about all the time but then you suddenly got fired? At least the whole world won’t have to know.

14 14. You’ll be exposed to better writing

Notice how some of those status updates or comments in group take hours to decipher. Outside Facebook a lot of what you read is actually well-written.

15   15. When you miss your friends, you’ll call them

If you really care about a friend and want to know what he’s up to, you can get fresh news off the phone.

 I obviously tried social media for years and did not like it. Some people enjoy social media, but I’m worried we’ve created a new generation of people who procrastinate endlessly, who expect immediate replies when they contact someone and who overanalyze simple facts. But the same thing used to be said about television, and before that about the radio. The point is, spending an hour after work browsing Facebook won’t hurt anyone. It’s the fact that people have the urge to check their phones hundreds of times a day that worries me. Some even check their notifications during job interviews or while they’re supposed to be teaching a class. In a nutshell, abstaining from social media improved my concentration and focus on the finer things in life. 

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