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Two candles on the cake
by Asa Butcher
2006-12-22 10:23:12
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I was once asked by a friend how it is possible for me to write so easily…I believe it is because I love what I do. I am motivated by writing and entertaining people. I have no motivation for peddling my fat ass on an exercise bike but give me a topic and I will happily burn a few calories typing at the keyboard. My fingers have an hourglass figure.”

What a beautiful turn of phrase - ‘an hourglass figure’ - even if I do say so myself. Yes, it has been two years since I wrote those sentences in my debut editorial for issue 1 of Ovi magazine and what a difference a couple of years makes, huh!

December 20th 2004 witnessed the launch of the combined dreams of Thanos, John and I in the form of a monthly online magazine called Ovi – you know, Finnish for door, pronounced ‘Of-vee’. It has become a word that buzzes about my head every day, it has influenced my favourite colours to now include orange and it still as close to my heart as the day we uploaded our work to www.ovimagazine.com.

Two years have flown by faster than the Starship Enterprise at Warp speed 9 and we are still exploring strange new worlds, namely blogs, and they were alien back in 2004. Since the launch of issue one, both Thanos and I have had daughters, I have moved a couple of times, my Grandma passed away, I have seen Paul McCartney in concert, I had read dozens of books, watched countless movies, I have won a couple of arguments with my wife…okay, one…and too much more to mention here.

Many of the memories are now closely associated with Ovi through articles inspired by their occurrence and it has meant that I can go back and relive those moments through my writing. I am sure Thanos is writing his memories and nostalgic nuggets in his editorial, so I will leave him to his own devices. I will say, however, that I am also intimately familiar with his memories through his writing and our near daily meetings over the past two years – I have no idea how many cappuccinos and Paninis we have had together.

Sadly, we were unable to share these moments with the third founding member of Ovi who is currently in Indonesia, I think. Mr John Pederson, Wisconsin’s favourite Euro-traveller, was there at the very beginning with his ‘I’m Just Sayin’’ column and American stance on the world and he is also in our thoughts as Thanos and I split his slice of chocolate cake between us. John, we miss you and…mmm, this is good cake….what was I just sayin’?

Anyway, Ovi is still going strong after two years. No surprises really with the quality team of contributors we have submitting work on a regular basis and the fresh outlook we have now that we are daily. The best result of Ovi becoming a daily online magazine is that my fingers are looking positively anorexic through the calories they burn tapping at the keyboard every day.

What will the next two years hold in store for Ovi magazine? What will I be writing for the fourth birthday editorial? Knowing me, it will be probably littered with quotes from all my previous editorials, just like this final paragraph summarising why we started Ovi:

“We are writing and maintaining this site because we want to be known. We want to become either famous or infamous. We want to be able to afford a laptop to go and write outside while the sun is shining. We wanted to have a website with our work and we have done it. What have you done recently?”

Well, what have you done recently?

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Eva2006-12-23 02:31:27
Positively anorexic fingers? Now there's a new one ;)
Excellent, I have to remember that. Could become a useful sentence one day (seriously, I'm not taking the piss)
Gosh even I got sentimental reading that, and I've only been reading OVI since sometime this summer..
I look forward to more of it!

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