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The Extremist Versions, PerVersions and Perspectives of Religions by Nihilistic Maniacs
by Leah Sellers
2014-10-14 11:19:17
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Yes, that’s right, the word PerVersion and Religion have both been used in the same sentence and with the same One Breath. A Breath originating within the very Heart and Soul of the Atomic and Cosmic Energies of Life and Death. 
The PerVersions of a World Ending (as We Know it) Armageddon Witch Hunters and Scapegoats are careening down upon us All, because Globally there are Nihilistic Terroists,  Hate Groups (because somebody stole from, tortured, raped or murdered their father, mother, sister, brother, son, daughter, etc….from the other side during one generation or another) and their Benefactors who want to Play around with it (Armageddon, that is) and/or Make It So.
And they are all focusing their Destructive Energies within the so-called Sacred Lands of the Middle East.  All sects, tribes and families of Christianity and Islam know this to be so.  ‘Something’ wretchedly and ominously ‘Wicked this Way Comes‘…….
Everyone can Choose to Work it out.  Choose not to Resurrect and Bring to Life the Armageddon they are so Pied Piper-edly marching toward.  But, it’s like viewing a horror show you’re really engrossed within.  You can’t wait until the Monster meets up with the Hero or Heroine.  It doesn’t matter that the Monsters think that they’re the Heroes and the Heroes are actually the Monsters, One-and-All.  They don’t See that or stop to Think about what that really means.  All that matters is the Blood Lust and the Need for Vengeful Blood-Letting.  The blood-curdling screams and the flying popcorn during intermissions.
And we hide our Need to Create and Fulfill these dastardly and NightMarish Religious Armageddon Jihhadist Stories, not with Universal Love, Common Sense, Common Decency, Common Compassion and Systems based upon Collective Values and Ethics rather than just plain ’ole Selfish Hubris, Human Interests and Desires, behind fancy words like Kinetic Strikes and fancy machines of destruction like Armed Drones to give our base and degenerative impulses Meanings of Importance and Legitimacy.
What tripe !  What Gen-u-ine Hogwash ! 
A Tapestry of Irretrievable and totally corrupted and corruptible entangling tendrils of Devastation is Being Consciously and UnConsciously Woven and InterWoven, Spun and UnSpun, filled with poisonous and Predatory Spiders devouring one another up and down their icky-sticky Webs of Self and Other Delusions of Heavenly and Earthly Glory and Grandeur as well as every screaming, “Help Me !” Fly in sight.
The West and the East have been teaching one another to hate and be suspicious of one another for centuries, despite the hard Work of some (from all sides) for things to be otherwise.
The Middle Eastern Leaders and Western Leaders drug our Generations of Children into these Armageddon Hatreds and False Thinking through their own Greedy and Selfish machinations and Void-Dreams of Power and Ownership.  I want this, and I want that, and I own this Land, and I own this Treasure, and I own this Group of People, and you own that Group of People, and if you don’t do things to my liking I’m going to Make the People I Own maim, torture, rape and murder the group of People you own, and the Group of People that we, the Elitist Classes, are left standing behind, after the People we Own have fought our Wars and made all of our Gains for Us, we will be called the Victor !  The Victorious ! 
And the Group of People left in the dust, while we make off with all of the Treasures, Lands, Palaces, etc…. that we Made EveryOne (but OurSelves) involved obliterate one another to kingdom come over, will be subservient to, and even more EnSlaved by the Elitist Ruling Classes (OurSelves), than the Social Slaves of the Poor and the Middle Class that we tricked into this Human Excrement We Selfish, Careless, Ruling Elitists call War, to begin with.  Ha !  Ha !  We’re the Victors !  The Victorious ! 
And we’ll talk the People We Own into doing all of these horrible things to one another (while We, the Elitists get off Scott-free) and Destroying the World as We Know It with Religion !  We will tell our Peoples that we have taught for centuries to Hate and MisTrust one another that God Wills all of this Armageddon Madness to Be So.  Because My God is Greater than your Allah, and your Allah is Greater than my God !  And because of this impasse, because of all of these brutal years of abusive, manipulative and destructive Scape-goating and Desire Chasing Mis-Steps and Mis-Takes,  Human Beings must Destroy ThemSelves and the beautiful blue-green gemstone of a Planet, Earth.  They must obliterate One another and the Earth into the Eternities of the Cosmos !  Amen !
What Absurdities !  What Tripe !  What Hogwash !  And yet, here all of us are poised at the Pre (and Mis)-Conceived Precipice of Armageddon !
There are many other far more Positive and Meaningful DreamScapes and EnVisionings that All Peoples around the Globe should be Chasing after and Striving for.  Armageddon is a Chapter that Needs to be Rejected, Disposed of and left behind Forever.
It is Time for another Great Awakening and Nurturing and Sustaining Step Forward into Our Evolutionary Futures of  Today and Tomorrow, and that Evolution of Healing Enlightenment must take place from Within OurSelves as well as from the marvelous Inventions we Create from without of OurSelves.
It’s time to put the Maniacal Armageddon Stories, Dust Devils, Worshippers and False Prophets behind us.  There are so many more Great Potentialities for Human Beings ahead, if we will but Dream and Act those Envisionings into Life instead.  The Cosmos is filled with Choice and Opportunity.  That, and not Armageddon, is what is written in the Stars and beyond…….

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