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Is Obama Singing Out of Tune ?
by Leah Sellers
2014-10-11 13:28:35
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I heard someone intimate and say today that, “Obama is just out of Tune with the majority of American Leaders“.  I immediately thought, “President Obama’s not Out of Tune.  He’s Seeking to Create a Different Tune.  A Different Tune that the majority of Americans Voted for.  “No more Wars !  No more Stupid Stuff !  Wake up, America !  Wake up, World !  Things Can Be and Should Be so much Better, Just, Fair and Opportunity-filled and Choice-filled for EveryOne, EveryWhere !”
Yes, Americans heard the Call of Candidate Obama’s Tune.  Like the MockingBird who Creates a Thousand Songs a day by Re-Creating the snippets of Other Birds Songs.  Americans heard their particular Snippets in his American Song for a Better and more Cooperative, more Tolerant, more Respectful, more Equal Opportunity, more Equally Just, more Peaceful America, and they Responded to that Visionary Song, and Wove their Hope-filled Dreams, Aspirations, Affirmations and Future Transformations into It and Created a Proud and Joyous National Chorus.  “Yes, We Can !  Yes, We Can !”
Folks, Change and Transformative Songs are, for the most part, very Hard to Create and Generate, because The Elitists and Habit-forming Traditions and Cultural Norms and Systems that We are locked into and within Consciously, SubConsciously and UnConsciously will fight tooth-and-nail to Silence the Freedom Bird’s Song.  To shoot it out of the Air, pluck it clean, cook it and gnaw it down to the Bones.
Obama has been up against some very strong HeadWinds and TailWinds.  The worst parts of Human Nature have Risen up against all of his efforts.
Yes, he’s a very Intelligent and Capable Black Man in the White House.  That automatically made him enemies.  But it has been important for Our Great Nation to take a look at the Shadow Aspects of OurSelves, Discuss them, Analyze them, Work on them and continue to Transform them.  Our bigotries, discriminations, greeds, needs, how we have helped to create many of the tensions in the World because of them….etc.
Change - Transformation - Transmutation leaves you feeling vulnerable, anxious, irritable and fearfully fightin’ and/or flyin’.  It’s natural to Feel or think these things because as things Transform the molecules and connective energies are simultaneously contracting and expanding, arranging and re-arranging, forming and re-forming themselves.  It can Feel a bit hectic - a bit Chaotic.  But when the Process is Embraced (whether it’s completely Understood or not) it Can and Will Move toward States of Being that are far more Sustaining, Maintaining, Satisfying and Gratifying for EveryOne.
President Obama’s Actions regarding the Air Strikes, and “No Boots on the Ground” strategies are Forcing the Middle Eastern Nations, and their Peoples to take a look at ThemSelves, and what they Need to Do WithIn ThemSelves to have a more Fulfilling Future for The Many - The All - not just The Few.
President Obama’s Actions are Forcing the Middle Eastern Nations and their Peoples to confront their own Vulnerabilities and Realities and Choose (for Themselves - not using America and The West as a familiar Scapegoat) what to Do about those Vulnerabilities, Realities and Needs for Change, and how to Heal them and Move Forward into a New and Transformed Future.
If Boots on the Ground are Needed it should be The Middle Eastern Nations and their Peoples Boots - not Ours.  America, due to its own Greeds and Needs, allowed its Leaders, the Mega-Corporations and Mega-Banks (looking to make a lot of loose change - Ching !  Ching !) to manipulate them into making all too heavy Boot Prints through a series of Wars which have only intensified their destructive reverberations into All of our Global Futures.  Enough, already !
Awareness is a Good thing.  It’s a difficult thing, but it is a necessary thing in order to stop the gangrenous and Life-killing Energies which presently thrum and thrive between and within our Eastern and Western Nations.
Turkey doesn’t like the Kurds, and perceives them to be like ISIS, and so they sit back on their Borders upon their Hands, and their loaded tanks and guns, and do nothing while ISIS besieges Kobani, because it is a primarily Kurdish city in northern Syria.  And then they shrug at America, and say, “Why aren’t you doing more ?  Why aren’t you putting Boots on the Ground the way we Middle Eastern countries and Western Power and Money Mongers were usually able to manipulate you into doing ?  Oops ! 
Is this the Behavior of an Ally ?  Are they too, trying to draw America into the Armageddon Trap out of Fear of losing Power or Control ?  Where are the other Coalition Allies ?  Where’s the Cooperation Needed to stop ISIS’s constant Scorpion slinking and stinging around ?
ISIS (and others) are working very hard to draw America and The West back into an old and very dysfunctional Behavioral Pattern, and that’s the most difficult Inclination and Addictive Behavior of all to Heal and leave behind on All sides.
War, and everything that comes and goes with it is an Addiction, because when you are close to Death, you are never more Alive - more in touch with what it is to Be Alive.  But this constant Repetition of this very Ancient Addiction is no way to run Nations without having to perpetually face damaging and destructive Chaos over -and-over again.
Muslims need to Face their Religious and Cultural Demons, Shadow-Selves and Personas, just as Christians and those in The West have needed and still need to Face theirs.  The West’s torturing and murderous Church Inquisitors, the burning, drowning and stoning Witch-Hunters, the manipulative and destructively abusive Religious/Empire Usurpers and Imperialists (for the Power and Glory in God’s Name) Holy Wars - Jihad, the Ku Klux Klan and other generational and hysterically historical Hungry Hate Groups…..etc.  Groups, Lone Scorpions and Shadow Faces of Our worst Selves and Personas. 
Every Nation, Culture, Religion, Tribe, Family and Individual has them.  To avoid the Obliterating and Total Annihilation of Everything that we Know, We must All (East and West, North and South) Face them to Move forward into the Brilliant Futures and full-throated Songs and Choruses Possible, and yet to be Created for Humanity and the Earth.
There is no Being out of Tune when New Tunes are Being Created and Shared.

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