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Yes, We Hear You Sing, Hong Kong!
by Leah Sellers
2014-10-08 09:16:09
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And, oh, what a Beauteous Song of Hope, Inspirations and Aspirations it is !
You are Raising your Voices for Democracy.  The Right to Freely Choose who you want to Rule and Guide Hong Kong.  Not have that decision handed down to you by a pre-arranged Committee of a thousand or more Previously Guided Voices bid to do so by China‘s Central Government.
Your streets are filled with your Youth.  The Youth that see a different Future for themselves.  A Democratic Future for themselves.
Once any Living Creature gets a taste of Genuine and Uncorrupted (as it can be) Freedom of Motion, of Choice, of Opportunities and Future Gateways, there is no turning back without poisoning the Fruit of the Tree of Life, and eventually leading to the painful and spasmodic destruction of the Tree as a Whole.
Yes, We Hear You Sing, Hong Kong !
Democratic Government, at it’s Best, is the Collective Will of the We the People as a Whole, not a pre-selected (for whatever Reasonings and UnReasonings), and self-selected (for whatever Reasonings and UnReasonings) Few.
America is Watching you closely, Hong Kong, and Listening intently as you Sing !
Hong Kong, you deeply understand what it is that you are about to lose.  What it is that you are Peacefully struggling to Maintain and Sustain.
The inherent tensions between Hong Kong and her Motherland, China are being felt around the World.  They are ancient tensions which have always existed between Autocracies and Governments based upon Collective Free Will.
America, herself is already in the Process of Being manipulated, seduced, cajoled, bullied, filabustered, vote squelched,  sequestered, blocked, fear mongered, stalemated, bought, sold and just plain ’ole Lied into a State of Devolutionary Being in which the Government of Democratic Free Will, Rights, and Opportunities will be stolen right out from under the very feet (and foundation) of the Eyes-Wide-Open American population, and handed Right over, and corrupted, into the wheelin‘-and-dealin’ Red-handed Hands of the Mega-Corporate and Mega-Banking (and Mini-Me) Autocratic, Plutocratic, Bureaucratic Self-appointed and Lackey, Cohort, and Crony Anointed Global Kings and Queens of Feudalistic, purely Capitalistic, and endlessly ravenous Monopolistic Empires.
All of our Heads (or is that Tails) of State will be C.E.O.s of the most belabored and belaboring caliber.
Global C.E.O.s who will know the intrinsic value of inflaming Global Tribalisms and keeping Wars within Wars alive.  War and Chaos are such wonderful Tools of Control and Machination.  It’s important to be able to keep the Hordes of Rabble (and possible Rabble-Rousers) Divided and scrambling over and after one another in confusion, disarray and Life draining pursuits of the Few’s Choosing.
So, yes, Hong Kong, We Hear You Sing.  There are those who know what you’re truly up against.  Those who understand, and like many of you, can See Humankind’s next Evolutionary foothold toward the Global Enlightenment that can only be effectively Attained and Maintained through Freedom of Will, Freedom of Human Rights, Freedom of Opportunities, Freedom of Motion Governments - not Capitalistic Corporate/Banking Feudalistic Empire Autocracies.
Yes, Hong Kong, We Hear You Sing, and We Sing with You and for You !

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