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The Lesser of Evils in a World of Greater Evils
by Leah Sellers
2014-09-26 11:14:03
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President Obama’s Actions and Attitudes regarding the fly-overs (and unders) and bombings in Iraq and Syria at present has been referred to as a Lesser of Evils by a well respected journalist.
Well, in a World filled with many Greater Evils (depending on what side of the Global Argument you just happen to be on), perhaps President Obama’s course of Actions and Attitudes could be called a Lesser Evil.  Because the Violent, Life-Taking and Life-Changing Actions, Non-Actions, Counter-Actions and ReActions of War always bring about Energies of Evil of one kind or another - one degree or another.
The history of Western InterActions with the Middle East has always been contentious.  Wars within Wars over Religions, Territories, Power Plays, Cultures, Mineral Rights, Money, Oil……did someone say Oil ?  Is Oil a Religion ?  A Religious Experience ?
Oh, those Middle Eastern Authoritarian Political and Religious Dictators and Tribal Chieftains and their vast desert sands filled with Crude Black Gold !  Ah, yes, counting their bags and bars of Gold, their Palaces, their Play Things
Never grows old !
It’s just a minor hiccup that most of these Uber-Rich Nations populations are primarily living in Poverty, Squalor and De-privation.
So, it only makes sense that given Time when in more free moving and roving Modern Societies that Western Capitalizing Corporate Businessmen - Oil Men wrapped up within big ’ole complicated and protective Mega Globally Expanding Oil Corporations (who just happened to be primarily Christian-Agnostic-Atheistic…etc.) couldn’t get exactly the Let’s Make a Deal deals that they wanted out of the Middle Eastern Authoritarian Dictators (who just happened to be primarily many different varieties of contentious Muslim tribes and groups), they decided to take matters into their own Red-Handed Hands.
Yes, the Mega Globally Expanding Oil Corporations stacked the Political, Judicial, Banking and Weapons Making Corporations in their favor using various nefarious bribes and scheming mechanisms and enticements.  And before Americans knew it, it suddenly became very important for us to save the Middle Eastern Peoples from other Middle Eastern Peoples, because one group was given the White (good guy-so please come help me) Hats to wear, and another group was given the Black (bad-guy-come and pulverize me into the ground) Hats to wear.
And Americans, who understand the Language of White Hats versus Black Hats, were told that it was their Patriotic Duty to go overseas to the Middle East to blow the Black-Hatted Middle Eastern groups to smithereens.  Not understanding that in Reality that they were being used as plain ’ole vanilla Mercenaries in Let’s Make a Deal deals made, breeched or broken between the Oil glutted Middle Eastern Authoritarian Dictators and the Mega Globally Expanding Oil Corporations.
In the end, everyone of the Oil glutted Middle Eastern groups who decided to side with the Lets Make a Deal deals of the Mega Globally Expanding Oil Corporations won the day, and all of the Profits - Ching !  Ching ! - and Oil -Glug !  Glug ! - Profiteering they could get their Needy, Greedy, Red Handed Hands on.
It was a wonderful Time for the Capitalizing-Profit Making Few of the West and Middle East !  As the bombed out and perpetually burning Black Smoke-filled Middle Eastern Oil Fields chugged millions upon millions of Pollutant, Toxic Chemicals into the Earth’s already Damaged-by-Humans Atmosphere, and made many of the underpaid, but Patriotic, United States of America Military Men and Women (who had not already been maimed or killed by the Black-Hatted Middle Eastern groups during the Profiteering Oil Wars) Dis-eased with many known and unknown maladies (which slowly killed some of them), The Almighty Authoritarian Dictator Middle Eastern and Mega Globally Expanding Oil Corporation Few threw their White and Black Hats high up into the air with a great, “Hurrah ! Ching !  Ching !  Glug !  Glug !”.
Then the victorious Mega Globally Expanding Oil Corporations and Middle Eastern groups signed the blood red- black oil lines of their Profit Making and Taking contracts between one another, and all turned around and pushed Oil and Gas Prices higher and higher every year at the pump and local car lots, etc...
Yes, like the good Capitalizing Malevolent Capitalists that they all were (and still are) they all fattened their Needy, Greedy Profiteering Pockets, and their Families made-to-be Needy, Greedy Profiteering Pockets more and evermore.  While the American, We the Peoples, paid for the Oil Wars and the use and abuse of their American Military to fight in the Oil Wars, and the Lives of their American Family Members used, abused and lost due to the Oil Wars at the Pump.  Fill ’er up !  Ching !  Ching !
And during all of this Profit Making and Taking Oil Warring, everyone involved planted the ugly, oily Seeds of Dis-content of the Dis-Placed, Dis-enfranchised and physically and psychically Damaged Peoples who morphed into Future Mad Terrorists.  Tribally oriented, as their Countries are Tribally oriented.  Some more horrifically Terrorizing than others.
In one way or another we’re All still Paying for the Mega Globally Expanding Oil Corporations and Middle Eastern Authoritarian Dictators Greedy Needs.  The American Peoples, the European Peoples and the Middle Eastern Peoples are continuing to be Dis-Placed, Dis-Enfranchised and physically and psychically Damaged, and made Hopeless and Homeless by Perpetual Wars within Wars, Power Vacuums within Power Vacuums.  When will we ever Stop Paying ?
Yes, the Mega Globally Expanding Oil Corporations are headed by smart and savvy Business Men and Women - highly respected and highly paid Business Men and Women - who arranged for the American (and European) Peoples to Pay for the pleasure of fighting in their Imperialistic (which happens to be a good Business practice) Middle Eastern Oil Wars.  The Americans, and everyone else around the Globe are paying for the Corporate Wars with the Blood of our Citizens - our Children - our National Treasures - and higher Prices on anything Oil Corporations touch across the board.  Malevolent Capitalism reigns victorious !  Hurrah !  Ching !  Ching !  Glug !  Glug !
The years and years spent Warring over the Oil and Profits for The Chosen and Revered Few have left the World with a Legacy of Societal and Environmental Chaos and Depravity.  And yet, still, We all continue the Legacy of Lunacy.
Destroying OurSelves and Our Planet for the Needs and Greeds of The Few, made and repetitively perpetuated to Be the Needs and Greeds of the Many.  And we’re all continuing to chug-a-lug the Poisonous Kool-aid !  Time for a Reality Shift !
Terrorists are a barometer of that Legacy of Lunacy.  They are the Oppressed, Repressed, Depressed, Suppressed and Compressed who have Had Enough, and longingly yearn for Just and Fair Freedoms and Human Rights, Open-ended Opportunities, and Hope for the Future.  But they will not find it in Violence, more Warring, more Murdering, Nihilism and Destruction.
Terrorists understand the Language of Force because that is what they have been Force Fed.  Many who encounter Individual and Collective Social Injustices and Indignities chew on it and spit it out.  They don’t Choose to BeCome Terrorists.  They, instead, BeCome Future Building (not Destroying) Activists.
Others chew on the Poisons of the Language of Force, Individual and Collective Social Injustices and Indignities and Choose to swallow it whole.  They Choose to BeCome a part of the very Social Toxins and Monsters they so abhor.
Horrific, torturing Murders, Cruelties and Nihilism are not the Guiding Stars of dynamic and Evolutionary Hope, Opportunities and Freedoms to a Better Future for One-and-All.  They are the Abyssmal Black Holes into No-Thing-Ness.
President Obama is a Good and Intelligently Conscientious Man and Leader who has been dealt a very, very ,very Bad/Greater Evil Red-Handed Hand, and is doing the best he can with it under some very, very, very Greater Evil (We All knowingly or unknowingly took a part in Creating) complicatedly complex circumstances.
Perhaps, we should all Wish President Obama Well.  Wish Our Globally Inter-Connected Selves Well within a World filled with Lesser Evils and Greater Goods.

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