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Maturity Maturity
by David Sparenberg
2014-09-26 11:13:46
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Wake up urgently
Stay alert
Be prepared

not only materially
but prepared in body and mind
in heart and in soul

Get earth connected
on every level of your life

Above and below
ask forgiveness
increase intimacy:

make God shaping prayers
engage in mystical weeping
(because locally globally
through interspecies injustice)
there is suffering

joyous repentance
(because before your face
and throughout)
there are wonders-concentric
and dancing ecstasy

let acts of beauty happen
(because spontaneous affirmations
are part of you at
essence of the human core)

And healing is critical
with big PN of Pressing Necessity
in multi-spheres of
creation from uv and ozone of
atmosphere and sun
to purity of water molecules

between fresh and salt

Changes are happening
and we are the cause
Changes are happening
time to mature
to take up responsibility

These are the ways
of the sages and shamans
of mothers and gardeners
of watchers, eco-weavers, and dancers and dreamers

and of the peaceful spirit warriors

from this moment outward
feel what you see and hear
When you slow down, step aside, go apart
center and focus:

look and listen

Earth is crying out
as outrage turns rapidly to rage
Sky is calling
as love is eclipsed
by judgment

Accept it
be alert:
be responsible.

Live as an avatar
Root yourself natural
into medicine power


David Sparenberg
9 Sept. 2014

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Leah Sellers2014-09-27 10:46:54
Inspiringly Beautiful and Insightful (as usual) Mr. David. Thank you, dear Sir

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