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Shock, fear, disgust, pain
by Thanos Kalamidas
2014-09-11 11:16:17
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There is absolutely nothing, doesn’t matter how many years will pass, that will ever wipe out of our memories the pictures we saw on our screens thirteen years ago when the two planes hit the Twin Towers. There is also absolutely nothing that will change our first reactions. Shock, fear, disgust, pain!

tower01_400It doesn’t matter what happened after that, it doesn’t matter what George W. Bush did, it doesn’t matter how Bin Laden died, it doesn’t matter anything else. The rest came after when logic, fear, disgust and pain kicked. And the consequences were different for each of us. Obviously a lot in USA looked for revenge; most of the people looked for justice and punishment. And that was global.

The reasoning behind the hit was Bin Laden’s hate to American policies; at least that’s what he tried to say. But he didn’t hit the American policies, he hit innocent people who were going to their work or it happened to pass by. But what made the pain global was the fact that he didn’t hit Americans. Al-Qaeda actually hit a global spot in a multicultural city. And the prove came hours after the first shock when the names of the dead started coming in the public.

Suddenly it was Greeks, Italians, Finnish, Iraqis, Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Australians, Mexicans, Saudis. The barrier ethnicity was dismissed by the act per se. it was not about Americans, it was about the whole world. It was actually never about the Americans. It was – like one of those Hollywood films – about an evil guy dreaming world dominance. And on his way to succeed he didn’t care how many or for where were the ones he would kill. It was al about personal psychosis.

On September 11th 2001, 2,977 innocent people with many more to follow. But 2,977 are in our memories because we saw them live on television dying, didn’t mater where we were. 2,977 died in hours in front of the whole world and the sock was tremendous. And as I said before its ripples are still perceptible to most of us.

It doesn’t mater our personal ideas, republican, liberal, conservative labour, left or right, we all felt the need for justice and we all felt that justice should be followed by punishment. Most of us didn’t wish the punishment that actually came, but punishment was what we wanted. Parenthetically in this case I feel that it was revenge that doesn’t serve justice but this is a different conversation all together.

But as I said, it was 2,977 innocent people in an eclipse of time in one place and watched globally on television.

tower02_400From the beginning of 2014 and the last six months, the Islamic Nation – former ISIS – has killed only in Iraq 5,500 innocent people. The same period, more than 11,600 civilians have been seriously injured, an unknown number kidnapped, raped, abused, and totally financially destroyed. More than 1.2 million Iraqis have become refugees. Only in Iraq. The numbers pile with additions from Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Nigeria where followers and comrades of the IS nation have joined them and act in the same exactly the same way, applying the same barbarism and killing hundreds every single day. Not live on television. Unfortunately for them.

We are not watching but IS takes care so the people in the lands they occupy to watch the barbaric executions. They arrange group executions on Fridays, forcing children of all ages to watch them. The victims of these executions include women and young people under 15.

But then an American reporter was executed. And the whole globe watched the video. Shock, fear, disgust and pain returned. And since then more than 400 innocent have been executed in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Nigeria. Not live on television or in a video in YouTube.

So how many Twin Towers these people are going to live before we decide to serve justice? And is it about innocent American journalists or innocent human lives? Is it about live on television or dead in the desert? What happened with the girls in Nigeria? They don’t make headlines anymore, now it is who is the Brit who executed the American journalist, what’s his name and where did he go to school and if he was getting money from the British welfare.

Where is justice? Is justice blind? Justice, not revenge.

Sporadic thoughts about a traumatic memory and a world of Shock, fear, disgust, pain!

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Emanuel Paparella2014-09-11 12:29:16
Plenty of food for thought here. In looking at the horrific picture of the mass executions I was immediately brought back to the Nazi’s mass executions of innocent Jew during World War II. Hence the term “Islamo-Fascist” coined by Christopher Hitchens a few years ago seems quite appropriate here. But actually President Obama is even more correct when he pointed out yesterday that the term Islamic cannot be applied to those actions; the only term that applies is “barbaric terrorism”

I also wonder how many of us realize that the 21st century did not begin with the year 2000 at the end of the year 1999, but with its end with the beginning of 2001. The year 2000 was still 20th century. Hence 9/11 occurred on the first year or the very beginning of the 21st century. A century that begins with such a barbaric event does not augur well for its future. In fact, I believe that the 20th century and all its dire consequences continues as we speak, just as the 19th century continued till the year 1914 when World War I began. Nietzsche (who died in 1900 still in the 19th century) had prophesized in Thus Spoke Zarathustra as to what the new century (the century that would kill God so that anything would be allowed afterward) would look like.

The question then arises: we are now in 2014: is history about to repeat itself and make what happened in the 20th century look like a picnic in comparison? We may of course dub this question and impertinent question glorifying “gloom and doom” and we may prefer not to think about it, but let’s remember that Cassandra’s warning was just that, a warning of what did not have to happen; it is the unheeded warning, not the warning itself, that brings about the catastrophe.

Leah Sellers2014-09-13 05:42:18
There are some very Deep Insights in this piece, Thanos.
Many people blur the ragged edged lines between Justice and Revenge to everyone's punishing dismay.
Amd, indeed, would America be beating the Anti-Terrorist/War Drums if not for the oh so Public, and International Display of two American Beheadings. And who is Playing whom (once again).

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