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All Names & Shapes & Colors
by David Sparenberg
2014-09-06 09:55:00
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It does not much matter to me by what name you call God and how you form and shape God (not by demons of rage and bloodshed and anger and evil) according honestly to the prayer you are praying.

For if you have a name and a prayer you are qualified to ask in yourself  and between us, "Where is God?"

Because I know for certain God in all names and shapes and colors, including none, is as near and as distant as out in the porous beyond the veil of air, in the sacrament of creation, behind the breath and every speck of human shadow and of the head, to turn and turn away and back or to return, and with the heart too, between heartbeat psalmody, whether the heart is a cup of reception for wine or water, or heart a fist in imitation of stone, or heart a candle.  How soft aglow sometimes are syllables of hallelujah.

If ever once you have stood in the open and the wild and the unbroken, and watched sunlight on a ripple of waves or a field of grains grown golden, imagined in rapture the imitation of a tree, pure in your body as a lotus posture, marveled at the air-dance ecstasy of butterflies or the laughing labors of bees--sure you are qualified in this moment to declare in the courage of tenderness: "See the imprint!  I am here!"  And to ask in yourself and between us, "Where is God?  God, where are you?"

But do not wait too Hard for an answer.  Earth life is a game of flutters, and winks, and the quickness of ambiguous glances, and of whispers.  And asking is intimate silk of the soul, a slender thread, to weave the dreamcatcher of longing and string the dream harp of desire.

Agony is a burden.  But the road is a cradle to those who are at peace.

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Leah Sellers2014-09-07 21:12:01
Brother David,
Philosophcially and Artistically Beautiful, sir. thank you.

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