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Peaceable Assembly and Free Speech Versus Missouri Lawmen's Lawlessness
by Leah Sellers
2014-08-20 09:50:58
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“Yes Siree, Chester !  Don’t cha’ just love these ‘ole Military Hum-V’s and Mine Resistant Tanks we get to Play with ?  And these awesome MK47’s, and Sniper Rifles, even though we can only use Rubber Bullets on those scum-bag Protesters.  And these Military Stun Grenades, Pepper Balls, Tear Gas Guns, and Flash Bangs ?!”
“But my favorite is this Gas Mask and these bug-eyed glass goggles that make me look like Darth Vader !   I can understand why Tough Guy Putin’s Gang over in the Ukraine gets off on the mysterious and intimidating Universal Soldier Look.  It scares Folks.  It’s supposed to.  And just knowin’ that is a rush to the ‘ole Ego, Man !”
“These wicked lookin’ SWAT Team, Military outfits are really cool ! 
Ya-hoo !  It’s time to Play War, and put those whinin’ Protesters in their
place !”
“Come on man !  Don’t looked so serious.  This’ll be fun.  All of those Black Folks standin’ around in the streets with their Hands Up.  What’s that all
about ?  They’re the one’s who started lootin’ and breakin’ glass windows at the local businesses this past week.”
“Yeah, yeah.  I know that it wasn’t all of ‘em that did that.  That it was only a few really bad ones that got out of hand, but if they weren’t out Protestin’ in the streets of Ferguson, none of this would’a happened.”
“Yeah, yeah.  I know that none of this would’a happened if one of our Police Officers, ‘ole Darren Wilson, hadn’t shot that Teenager, Michael Brown dead in the streets.”
“Yeah, yeah.  I know Michael Brown was UnArmed, and was holdin’ his hands up in Surrender when Wilson shot him several times, and let him bleed out all alone on the neighborhood street.”
“But Michael Brown had just robbed a box of cigars from some little ‘ole Convenience Store that day….”
“Yeah, yeah.  I know that Officer Wilson did not know that when he stopped Michael Brown for jaywalking in the middle of the street, while Brown was walking to his grandmother’s house.  But these Black Boys are out of jobs and out of control.  We gotta’ keep a close eye on ‘em for the sake of the Community.”
“Yeah, yeah.  I know they are a part of the Community too.  But they’re a troublesome part of the Community, if you ask me.”
“What did you just say to me, Chester ?  Did you just call me a Bigot ?”
“I’m no Bigot !  I’m just fed up with uppity Black Folks ever since that uppity Black man got into Our White House !  Sooner he’s impeached out’a there the better !  And there are some red-blooded American Patriots in this state and others who are workin’ hard to get that to come to pass right now as we speak.”
“Come on, Chester !  Lighten up, man.  This’ll be fun.  Let’s go on out there and show ‘em who’s Boss.  Let’s get on out there and put ‘em in their place with a little Push-and-Shove Gun Love.  Now, that’s Love anybody can Respect !”
“Our Free Speech and Second Amendment Rights will come blazin’ out’a the end of these MK47 gun barrels !  Let’s go have some fun with guns !”
“What in blazes are you just sittin’ there like a bump on the log for, Chester ?  What are you hesitatin’ about ?  Are you afraid that you’ll hurt the litlle ‘ole Protesters feelin’s ?  Afraid of makin’ ‘em mad ?  Who cares ?!”
“In Ferguson, Missouri these welfare deadbeats have no Right to Peaceful Protest as far as I, and many others who live in these parts, are
concerned !  No Right to Dissent.”
“We’re the Law around here, Chester.  We’ve got the Guns and the Rubber Bullets.  We make the Rules.  We’re the Lawful Militia.”
Ferguson, Missouri is Standin’ its Ground.  We’ve got three whole Blacks on our Police Force of fifty-some-odd White Officers.  What more do they
want ?!  I call that Diversity.  I call that token Representation. Who cares if the majority of the population in Ferguson now is Black ?  Not me, and I hope not you, Chester.”
“We gotta’ teach ‘em, Chester, that if you get Sassy-Mouthed with us, even if you hold your Hands Up in Surrender, we’ll shoot you dead if you get us riled up enough.  That’ll put a scare in those Animals.”
“What ?  What do you mean I shouldn’t call them animals ?  That I’m De-Humanizing ’em ?
“”Have you lost your pea-pickin’ mind, Chester ?  Boy, I’m really worried about you.  If you weren’t married to my sister, Esther Dale, I’m not sure I’d have anything to do with you at all.  You’re a Bleedin’ Heart Pansy, Chester.  Face it.  You don’t fit in around these parts.  You gotta’ get with the Program, or you and Esther Dale won’t make it here.”
“I saw you tryin’ to Play Nice with those fancy pants Journalists when we were all tryin’ to get them to clear out, and stop filmin’ our Tear Gassing the Protestors and scatterin’ them with a few Rubber Bullets here and there.”
“As far as I’m concerned, we’ll just lock all of those Journalists, the Eyes and Recorders of the People, by the People and for the People, up right along with their Protestin’ friends.”
“The only reasons those Journalists are here are to make all of us look like Fools !  Make us all look like a bunch of bigoted, trigger-happy, backwoods hicks.  But we’ll show them.  We are red-blooded Americans !  We are a modern, Militarized Police Force !  A Force to be reckoned with !”
“Come on, Chester.  Finish gettin’ your SWAT gear on.  I’m ready to go Huntin’, Militia-Military style !  The Bundyonians have got nothin’ on us, my man !”
“What ?  What do you mean that we had no Right to Force those t.v. Journalists to take down all of their cameras and sound equipment ?  We had every right to tell them whatever we felt like we needed to say or do in order to regain order and control over the situation on the streets.”
“It’s like those Protesters are tryin’ to have another Arab Spring.  Only they’re doin’ it right here in the Heartland of America !  They’re already Free and livin’ in a Land of Liberty and Abundance.”
“What ?  What do you mean that those living in Poverty and with little Opportunity or Hope for a better Life might not see it that way ?  Might not feel so Free.  Might not feel as if they have a Share in that Abundance ?”
“You and your Bleedin’ Heart gobblety-goop are makin’ me sick, Chester !     
These Protesters, these fine upstanding’ Citizens just want to get their mugs planted on the t.v. sets all over the World.  You think they really care about that Teenager, Michael Brown, who got shot dead ?  Not on your life.”
“What ?  What’s that about the DOJ ?  We don’t need the Feds comin’ down here and investigatin’ us.  We’re handlin’ things just fine and havin’ a lot of fun and getting’ a lot of practice with our Military Toys while we’re at it.”
“Why are they messin’ with us anyways ?  All of this fol-der-al in Iraq about should we stay or should we go and helpin’ those Folks fight off and control those Head Whackin’ ISIS-ISIL fellas, and we’ve got our own problems right here in our own American streets to worry about !  We gotta’ control these Animals !”
“Nope, no !  Don’t cha’ do it, Chester !  Don’t you dare chastise me about that De-Humanization stuff again !  Don’t you do it !  Flash Bangs, Rubber Bullets, Pepper Balls and a little Tear Gas won’t kill these dastardly Protesters, but Boy it’ll give ’em a sting and a bruisin’ that they won’t be forgettin’ anytime soon.”
“We’re not the problem, Chester.  The Protesters are.  We’re the Solution to their Pollution of Our Traditions - Our Neighborhoods - Our Lives.”
“They keep on complainin’ that we’re makin’ them Tense ?  Beatin’ them down ?  That we’re Walkin’ all over their Rights ?  Well, how about us ? 
Huh ?  What about us ?  How about Our Rights ?  We like the World just the way it was before all of these Changes started takin’ place.  Who cares about havin’ ObamaCare.  I’ve got my own Health Insurance through the Police Department.”
What ?  What do mean that many of the Tax-payin’ Protesters are payin’ for my State Job’s Health Insurance ?  That not every Working person can afford Health Insurance because it’s too expensive unless their state expands the MediCaid Program under ObamaCare ?  Who cares ?  Do I look like I care, Chester ?  I‘ve got my Health Insurance, and that‘s all that I care about.”
I’m a Public Servant !  Not a door mat for some Protester to Tread all over.  “Don’t Tread On Me” or you’ll be sorry !”
“What do you mean that I should hold myself to Higher Standards ?  Ha !  I say that I need to hold myself to Higher Ground so I can get the advantage over ya’.  So I can get my ’ole Sniper Rifle sights on ya’ and take ya’ down before you know what’s hit ya’ !  ha !”
“Second Amendment Free Speech beats Bleedin’ Heart First Amendment Free Speech any day.  Gun and Bomb Might makes Right, Chester.  And you’re a Fool if you think otherwise.”
“What ?  What do you mean that Guns and Bombs are just finite Tools ? That they’re just Toys for Primates with Appendages who enjoy Thumbing their noses at Common Decency and  Human Dignity ? That it is Great Ideas that live on through Time and continue to Create, Build and Expand Great Societies ?”
“You make no sense at all, Chester.  Are we even speakin’ the same
language ?”
“You disturb my Peace and I’ll knock your teeth down your throat with a Iron Gloved Fist.  People understand Force, Chester.  That’s it.  I point a loaded Gun at you, even if it is filled with Rubber Bullets, and that’s a language everybody understands.”
“What  ?  What do you mean, is that how I really want to Define myself ?  Is that the way that I want America to be Defined ?
Chester was tired of letting his brother-in-law, NoRegard, do all of the talking. “We live in a World where No One is enough.  We’re not Islamic enough or Christian enough or Hindu enough or Buddhist enough or White enough or Black enough or Brown or Red or Yellow enough.  We’re not Rich enough or Satiated enough or Hungry enough…….We’re just not Enough for anything or anybody.  Well. I’m sayin’ Enough already !”
“NoRegard, when Societies come to Perceive that their LawMakers have BeCome LawBreakers that is the Beginning of the End of those Societies.”
“And just because someone is Poor, that doesn’t mean that they are Voiceless or Meaningless.  That they’re not Good Folks.  That they don’t have Rights Equal to everyone else’s.”
NoRegard was beet red in the face.  “And what if you’re a Poor White Man ?  That’s the worst of Two Worlds, Chester !  You’ve got no Power at all.  There’s no one left to look down on and pound on when you’ve had a really bad day.  We used to do that to Women, but all those gol-durned Bra Burnin’ Libbers took that away from us.  The Church is even losin’ its hold keepin’ Women as Second Class Eves.  A part of Society not heard and definitely not Seen.  The Invisibles are demanding to Be Visible !”
“The Folks at the bottom of the Totem Pole are ruinin’ the World for the rest of us.  We like the status quo.  So, yeah.  I like my Military get-up and the Death Mask look.  It makes me feel Powerful and paid Attention to.  It gives my World order, ‘cause I get to Define what that Order is.”
“I get a real kick of Satisfaction when I shoot my MK47 or launch a Flash Bang or toss a Stun Grenade.  They’re an extension of me that makes the cockroaches and vermin scatter.  And for that brief, glorious moment, all is well with my World and I feel proud of myself.  I feel good about myself.  Elated about myself and what I can do with my toys and my Death Mask look.”
NoRegard paused, breathing heavily, “I just wish those Moments lasted longer.”
“NoRegard,”  Chester said quietly.  “Police are Public Servants who are supposed to Protect and Defend.  Police are supposed to Protect and Defend every American’s Right to the First Amendment’s Free Speech and Peaceable Assembly.  Police are not supposed to Oppress and Terrorize Citizen’s expressing their First Amendment Rights of Free Speech and Peaceable Assembly, even when they don’t agree with what is being expressed.”
“My Children are watchin’ what’s happenin’ in the streets of Ferguson right now, NoRegard.  Esther Dale called and told me so.  It is important to me that my Children see what side of this fight that their Daddy is on.  And I’m a First Amendment Man.”
“I cannot Stand My Ground on or over the snuffed out Life of Michael Brown.  I won’t do it.  And so, brother-in-law, I’m keeping on my Civilian Clothes and leaving the Station to join the Protesters Peaceable Assembly.”
Chester tossed the keys to the Hum-V to Noregard. “You’ll have to take a ride in the ‘ole Hum-V all by your lonesome tonight, NoRegard.  Although, it’s my understanding that the Sate Troopers are taking over, and that they’ll be doing things considerably differently.  No more Flash Bangs or Tear Gas will be headin’ into the crowds today.  I know that’ll take all of the fun out of it for you.  But, oh well.”  Chester shrugged his shoulders, and walked purposefully out of the Police Station, leaving NoRegard to ponder a Hum-V he had never personally driven before.

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