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The Rape of the Kroeskop Lesbos
by Abigail George
2014-08-14 09:24:25
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It felt like a sharp noose around her neck
It felt like an eternity this battle of pain
Warmth and a war between her legs
Her life slowly-slowly-slowly and with skill
Turning into a wreck
She could still feel their hands
Their claws and the pressure
Hear their voices
She remembered that it felt like a lifetime
Like a childhood experience
She could taste their spit mingling with her saliva
They were groping-groping-groping her flesh and there came laughter

Fingers caught in tufts of the hair on her head
Her hands and arms in the air

And something died within her

It was followed by a succession of deaths
And something inside of her felt safe in those deaths
Also something inside of her felt stoned
As if she was turning to stone
The physical around her slowly melted away
Nature and seasons and houses and walls
And that was how she entered the ‘night’
Amidst all the talk
She held the awakening of grief in her heart
She could not scream or yell or shout
She could not tear herself away from the situation
She could smell them hate them call them animals
Wish them dead dead dead
But there was a part of her that knew
They would just laugh in her face
But she would always remember their skulls
As they penetrated her one-by-one
How would she remember every one of their skulls?
No god had brought her to this open veldt
Under a sky

She wrapped herself in the darkness
Hoping that it would conceal her
From the light of the moon
She lost her shoes
As they dragged her one-by-one
Her sandals her dress her skirt her blouse
One by one she lost them all
Are you alive?
Is she alive?
They asked each other
Dead to the world to their game to their orders and commands
Defeated she closed her eyes as they all walked away
A rush of deafening silence all around her
The smell of blood her blood in the air
But there had been a spine-tingling violence in it
As well as tension and brutality and aggression
And it all seemed to be of a committed kind
This illustration of possession

Where to from here from hell
If she did get up to make her way home
How was she ever going to pull herself together?
She could still hear them
As if they were waiting and watching for her
In the dark

Where was the moon to shine a light on her?
On evil’s song

Her intuition had failed her
The fathers of this community had failed her
The mothers of this community had failed her
Would she go so far as to say even the church?
She felt as if she was bleeding on the inside as well
What could she use to stop the bleeding?

Was she being punished for something?
Her feet were cold
Her arms and legs were scratched
Her clothes had been torn from her body
How do you know you’re alive?
That you’re part of the living
That you’re in their midst

What do the words ‘died unexpectedly’ mean?
Did they slip away after midnight?
But she had no concept of time
This Lesbos man she tastes like condensed milk one of them said
It slowly began to dawn on her
Pain of the mind can be more acute
More devastating than pain of the body
Nothing picturesque or pretty about it

The moonlight was pure and fluid
It stretched across this field and her limbs
There was something hauntingly beautiful about it
And then she found her voice
She started to scream
She screamed over and over again in the dark
As if she was mad
As if she was ready for battle
Not feeling lost and afraid
A distillate.

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Leah Sellers2014-08-16 20:11:15
Dear Abigail,
You have Spoken the Truths of Raped Women in Ancient Past, Present and Present Moments to Come reverberating Memories.
Terrible Truths. Insightful Truths, Annihilating Truths and Re-Creational Truths.
What a Gift you are to Humanity !

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