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Let's Be Brave Instead
by Bohdan Yuri
2014-08-11 10:59:52
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Putin wages war while the world watches.

Where is the West, who had promised Ukraine protection from foreign invasion. Yes, silly question, we all know where they are...somewhere out west and nowhere to be found in Ukraine. And that's the way Putin likes it.

Let's be brave instead.

So yes, it IS time for NATO and the European Union to offer full membership to Ukraine? What greater reason and time than now since Ukraine DOES need protection from a Euro-Asian Empire's (Russia) invasion?

Throughout Putin's invasions, Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, the West has rattled plastic toy sabers while Putin's armies conquered Crimea with real weapons and real soldiers and are now slicing throughout eastern Ukraine.

And let's open our eyes about the recent political assassinations in Western Ukraine. Surely a precursor to future Russian terror tactics throughout all of Ukraine. By now the West should understand the kind of person you are dealing with.

Yes, another Prince of Evil. Someone who will use any means to flaunt Power, Hate, and Greed with no one to stop him.....so far.

The bottom line is this: Russia is not only winning the battles but they are also winning Putin's War. And Western Democracy is losing its soul, and losing it in a shameful way.

Fear is the West's constant companion just as it was during Hitler's time, only none of the present day Western leaders want to admit it....or face it.

Hitler started with Sudetenland annexation then all of Austria was his before he started his war on  all of Europe.... Only the names are different this time around but doesn't it sound familiar?

The doubters? I know, all experts agree that any NATO involvement would be disastrous, that's Fear talking and Putin knows it. If Putin is stupid enough to wage full warfare with the West then you are dealing with a madman with whom nothing can be resolved peacefully and war will be inevitable so what difference would the end result be.

I think it's time to test the mettle of each side, otherwise Western leadership has betrayed us all with its democratic free-styling.

Remember, all this started because Putin didn't want Ukraine to join the Western alliances. Well Ukraine hasn't yet but Putin still invaded and now gave the West every reason for Ukraine's inclusion into NATO and the E.U.. Ironically, had Ukraine joined NATO and the E.U. earlier and prior to the invasion, there may not have even been any intrusion by Russia. Their hesitancy allowed the process to proceed.

So now it's time for the West to stand up to the Putin Bully after he's punched you out a few times and demand respect, and yes, by force if necessary. Then as a legal matter of unlawful actions by Russia, Ukraine should join the Hague and present their case for a permanent Russian eviction from Crimea, including the naval base since they did break the terms of the lease by their hostile military takeover (including monetary damages in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine).

Do it before Summer Falls into Winter.

I can only give you actions but I shouldn't have to explain the obvious.

If Putin will go to war with the West over Crimea and Eastern Ukraine then he would do it anywhere, anytime, just as Hitler did. In any case it would be much wiser to find out now if he's bluffing or not rather than later when Putin's increasing Middle East influence (along with others') will have fully blossomed.

(Remember, Putin also has Chechen mercenaries fighting in Eastern Ukraine, I wonder how many of Putin's Chechens might be in the Middle East alongside or maybe even leading groups there?)

the end

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Emanuel Paparella2014-08-11 13:43:57
Indeed, as Aristotle taught us, courage is in the eye of the beholder and it resides in the middle: at the extreme left there is foolhardiness, at the extreme right there is cowardice and all kind of gradations in between. Few would deny that Achilles was brave, but was he wise? Socrates may be a better example of bravery in the face of impending death. In the light of the appeasement of a former bully name Adolph Hitler is the EU on the extreme right, on the extreme left, or on the Aristotelian middle where virtue resides? Hard to tell. I suppose it all depends on the true intentions of Mr. Putin. Time will tell, but I would not wish to wager that those intentions, on both sides of the divide, are perfectly honorable.

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