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The Dis-Mantlers
by Leah Sellers
2014-08-10 11:18:42
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Somewhere in a dark alternate and negatively alternative Multi-verse………..
“Da, da, Comrade Crooz.  So glad you could make this meeting.  Please, have a seat, Comrade.”
“Thanks for the offering of a Seat at the Table, President Pootin, but I am not your Comrade, Pard’ner”, Crooz replied smoothly with a wide smile that did not reach his calculating eyes.
“And I am not your Partner, Comrade,”  Pootin answered with a cool grin and icy stare down.  “Perhaps, we should set aside the amenities of polite conversation, and get straight to business.”
“That sounds good to me.  But I am curious as to your use of the word Comrade.  It  has been my Understanding that you are a Red-blooded Capitalist.  A high powered and ever expanding Oligarch.  That Communism in Russia is a thing of the past.”
“And so it is. Senator Crooz.  So, it is.  However, I am still romantically attached to much of Old Russia’s history.  Its Autocratic, Plutocratic, Monarchal and Bureaucratic history.  We Global Mega-Corporation Oligarchs are the up and coming Rulers of Governments and the World.  The Peoples of the World will Vote us in, precisely because we are uber-wealthy and uber-powerful.  We are the next Fan Club Trend setters.  The next Kardashians of Global Empires.  And, I, for one am ready to take my Rightful place in Capitalistic and Capitalized society and history.”
“What has that got to do with me, President Pootin.  I am a loyal and patriotic American.  Yes, I am Ambitious.  But I gave up my Canadian Citizenship in order to possibly run for President one fine day.  We are not Allies, sir.  We are Competitors.”
“Da, da, Senator Crooz.  Of that I am aware.  You and I are Competitive Dis-Mantlers, and we wear our identities proudly and forcefully.  There are no Rules, but the Rules we make, and the laws we subvert, divert and pervert in order to get Enforcement behind what we want or need to happen.”
“All Narcissistic, Greedy/Needy Fear and War Mongers - Dis-Mantlers of Systems of Self-Determination (unless it is our own), Equal Rights (because no one is our Equal nor will they be treated as such), and Freedom Loving Constitutions and Laws of the Land (because no one working within our ever hungry and expanding Oligarchic Empires will know the meaning or expressions of Freedom) do this.  It is what We do because of Who and What we are.  Vessels of insanely imbalanced and destructive Hubris and Self-Invention.”
“The Russian people Love me for it, because they think that it Benefits them.  But in actuality, I ,and my Global Mega-Corporate Oligarchic Cronies and Cohorts are the real winners in this Global Shell Game.”
“Now, you see us doing what we are doing.  Now, you don’t.  Now, you see the billions of dollars rolling into our Worldwide Capitalistic Business vulture-ventures and Bank accounts.  Now, you don’t.  Men like you and I enjoy keeping them guessing.  Enjoy keeping the Propaganda, Money and Power flowing”
“President Pootin, I am not Global Mega-Corporate Oligarch or World Leader as you are, sir.  I am but a lowly American Senator of modest means and influence.  An American Congressman trying to please my constituents….”
“While working day and night to be the head of the National and Global  Pack, Senator Crooz.  Are you not.”
“Your point being ?”
“I need Crimea and Ukraine to maintain and sustain my dominion over my Oil Empire here in Russia.  You are from Texas.  You understand the Needs and Greeds of Oil and Gas Energy Empires  I need to have the European Union dependent on me for their Energy.  It gives me leverage and power over them.”
“America opposes your usurpation of Crimea and Ukraine, just as we did your chest thumping around in Georgia.  We see your trend of Usurpation, perhaps even the eventual Usurpation of even more Eastern European countries to add to Russia’s territorial wealth and resources.”
“I will not grace that accusation with an answer, but the Coming of the Global Mega-Corporate Oligarchic Empires is inevitable.”
“Nothing is inevitable, President Pootin.  Did you actually think that you could interest me in any way to betray Canada - er, I mean America ?”
“As you said, Senator Crooz, you are an Ambitious Man.  A man who wants to get ahead.  A man who enjoys Dis-Mantling the Systems you work within and the People you perceive as in your way.  Dis-Mantling the People who stand between you and your ultimate Goals.”
“Be that as it may, why am I here, President Pootin ?  Are you seeking some kind of Comradeship/Partnership with me to the exclusion of my Principles and Love for my Country ?  Are we being recorded ?  I assume that we are.”
“We are helping give Edward Snowden a temporary Home of Sanctuary.  That should put you somewhat at ease as to our intentions, Senator Crooz.”
“It does not.  I think that you’re hanging onto to that scalawag in order get under our skin.  Edward Snowden is a treasonous traitor.”
“There are many in America, and around the World, who do not feel thusly.”
“Then they are Fools, and treading on treasonous waters themselves as far as I am concerned,”  Senator Crooz retorted.
“But you lack the power to do anything about them, do you not ?”
“Lack the power ?!  I shut down the government to prove my power over my Republican Caucus, the overall Congress and Obama.  As a Senator, I have circumvented and Dis-Mantled tacit Congressional Rules, and gone out my way to run over, and undermine, John Boehner, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, in order to get my Caucus in both Houses to oppose anything having to do with improving our Immigration Laws, and humanely helping the Children lined up at our Borders.  I am a powerful man.  A thorn in Obama’s side and back side.  A man to be reckoned with !”
“In fact, President Pootin, I’ll tell you what.  I’ll become an Oligarchic King with my own Global Mega-Corporate Empire in the West, and you just keep building your Oligarchic Empire in the East, and ‘ne’er the twain shall meet.’”
“I did not mean to offend, Senator Crooz, I was merely opening your mind to possible future Business and Empire Alliances for consideration.  I meant no harm.”
“In fact, I, too, am familiar with your American child author, Dr. Seuss, Senator Crooz.  I am merely presenting you with some future Green Eggs and Ham, which might be to your liking, Ted I Am.”
“Are you making fun of me ?”
“I wouldn’t dream of it.  I have been informed of your rather serious nature.  I am simply attempting to schmooze, Senator Crooz.  I am merely testing the waters.”
“Well, this is one Boiling Frog that hoppin’ out of the Hot Water Pot, President Pootin.  It’s been interesting, but I really must take my leave.”
“Indeed, our meeting has been most informative, Senator Crooz.  I look forward to Capitalistically Competing with you in the future.”
“You can count on it, Pard’ner.  There’s many a way to Dis-Mantle an Alley Cat.”
“And many a way to Dis-Mantle and Usurp Countries and once Great Nations.”
“Excuse me ?  Did I hear you correctly ?”
“Have a safe journey home, Senator Ted I Am.  I thank you for a most Dis-Mantlingly entertaining visit.  My ex-KGB body-guards will see you out.”

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