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A Gazan/Palestinian Mass Exodus ?!
by Leah Sellers
2014-08-07 13:56:35
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“What the World Needs Now is Love, Sweet Love…….and perhaps an organized (as they can be, at a moment’s notice) Plan for the temporary overall and thorough Mass Exodus of all Gazan/Palestinians now inhabiting (if we can really call it that anymore) bomb and missile torn, Gaza.
Yep !  Let’s gather all the Gazan/Palestinians into trucks, buses, cars, airplanes, boats, ships……etc., and evacuate them from their very clear and present danger.  For Safety’s sake, the Gazan/Palestinians need a Mass Exodus !
If the Hamas (and militant-whoevers) want to stay behind and continue to lob rockets at Israel, let them.  The Iron Dome is doing its job, and the Hamas (and militant-whoevers) will be separated from the Civilized Civilians who just want to go about their Lives Peacefully and UnOppressedly.  And easier for the Israeli’s to spot, and Point their Blaming Fingers, Guns, Bombs and Missiles toward in defensive violence, because the Hamas (and militant-whoevers) will no longer have their Human Shields to hide behind.  All they’ll have left to hide behind, within and without are ruined buildings and quickly disappearing Tunnels.
Yep !  Let the Israelis blow those dastardly Tunnels to smithereens !  Let them lay waste to Land of Gaza in Righteous Anger and Defense, while the Gazan/Palestinians flee to safety in one huge, Worldwide Exodus.  They are already Refugees within their own Lands.  It’ll be easy for them to feel comfortable as Refugees in Other Lands.  It’s all they know.  After all, we Are what we Know - what we Experience.
Then when the Israelis finally feel that the detestable Tunnels (many of which were originally built as bomb, rocket and missile Protection Shelters for the Civilized Civilians of Gaza, before the Hamas ((and other militant-whoevers) ) decided to use them as Strategic Weapons against the Israelis) are truly All De-stroyed.  Then the Gazan/Palestinians can Exodus all the way back Home to Gaza (if they so Choose), and ReBuild their obliterated Civilization in Peace with the rest of World’s Helping Hands (maybe).
But right now, the World Needs a Gazan/Palestinian Exodus into the Wilderness with all of the possessions they can carry, their mooing oxen and cattle, baaing sheep, naaing goats, braying donkeys, clucking chickens, mutilated Lives etc… and they need the World to Greet-’n-Meet them with Open Arms and Open Borders.
Many Israelis are sick of having to Deal with (much less Talk about) a Two-State Solution.  The Hamas will not let up on their Violent Pressure to make Israel face the difficulties of the Concentrationally EnSlaved and Oppressed Gazan/Palestinian peoples.  Headache heaped on top of headache.  Old  Generational Murders, Hatreds, Fears and Dis-Trusts/Mis-Trusts now creating New Generational Murders, Hatreds, Fears and Dis-Trusts/Mis-Trusts.
Yep !  A Mass Life-Saving Exodus for the Gazan/Palestinians is Needed.  Let the Gazan/Palestians Go !  Let them Flee from Murder and Mayhem !
Praise Be to God !  Praise Be to Allah !  Praise Be to Buddha !  Praise Be to Gaia !  Praise Be to Christ…..oops !  Nope, not Christ.  He did not come to Earth to Be King.  He turned that Leadership Role within very violent, dysfunctional and destructively and greedily usurping Systems down.  Christ came to Heal the World - to Heal the Mind, Body and Soul.  Christ would tell Everyone to put their Swords, bayonets, knives, guns, bombs, missiles, nukes, poisonous gasses and biological Weapons down, and to Stop making them altogether.  He would consider them to be a waste of Human Life, Ingenuity, Innovation, Creativity, Potentiality and Time.
A Gazan/Palestinian Exodus-Vision Quest is Needed to Save Future Gazan/Palestinian and Israeli Lives.
Yep !  A ‘Trail of Tears’ and Fears of Native Palestinians will do everyone a World of Good.  They can Sing ‘Set My People Free” and proclaim aloud to the World ‘Give us our Homeland to Build our Peaceful and Opportunity-filled Civilized Civilization within, much as the Jewish Peoples have done throughout the Histories of Humankind.  Much as we Palestinian/Arabians/Muslims/Christians helped them to gain at one horrible Moment in Time.
Repression, Suppression, Compression and Oppression will always stimulate and eventually create Militants and Radicalism - De-struction and Chaos - Misery and Death of Individuals and Civilizations.
If Israel no longer wants the bad Public Relation pictures, and InConvenient Truth and Judgments against, all of the thousands of murdered, bloodied and shattered injured and dead bodies of Children, Mothers, Fathers, Daughters, Sons, Sisters and Brothers - Innocent Civilized Civilians to be shown on Social Media and within the news Worldwide, then you and Hamas Cease-Fire and allow all of the Civilized Civilians to Exodus into the Open Arms and Open Borders of World Neighbors interested in truly Helping them, while you all De-stroy and Mutilate what’s left of Gaza.
Consider the De-struction of an Empty and hollowed out Gaza to be but one of your Target Practicing, Tactical Maneuvering War Games.  But then again, it might not be as blood thirstily satisfying.  Oh well !

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Emanuel Paparella2014-08-07 14:45:22
“They make a desert and they call it peace” said the Roman historian Tacitus of the brutal war tactics of the ancient Romans as they built their empire. They liked to apply “ultimate solutions,” clearly demarcated. The Carthaginians underwent that solution: salt was thrown on the land around Carthage so that nothing would grow for centuries, all the men were killed and the women and children taken into slavery. Titus destroyed the Jerusalem Temple and took the whole Jewish population into slavery, another forced exodus, not to speak of the Egyptian and the Babylonian exodus. Hitler, good student of good old Roman solutions, did not bother with exoduses, he went straight to the final solution and almost succeeded in a complete genocide.
Indeed, there are solutions and there are solutions: some are based on cynical Machiavellian real-politik strategic considerations, others on more humane considerations. The war mongers (which includes Amas which uses their population as shield), of which there is always a good number on both sides (it takes two to make a war), will always opt for the former and thus dehumanize themselves. The genuine peace-maker will opt for the latter and thus will retain their humanity.

There is another possible solution and surely it will be approved by some Moslems vowing the ultimate destruction of Israel: take all the Jews in Israel and relocate them in Rome in sumptuous villas as reparation for the Romans' fainal solution, or on Lake Geneva for the German's final solution; so much for "the promised land."

As Kierkegaard has well pointed out, the sickness unto death consists in being sick (as with Ebola) and not even knowing that one is mortally sick.

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