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Collision Prone Zones
by Leah Sellers
2014-07-29 10:30:12
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Civilians.  Why are Civilians Collision Prone Zones ?
The Webster’s Dictionary says that a Civilian is “one not on Active Duty in a Military, Police or Fire-Fighting Force.  An Outsider.”
An Outsider ?  An Outsider of what exactly ?
A Babe is born within a Civilized Civilization, and they are thought of as a Civilian of a Civilized Civilization.
An Outsider ?  How odd that a Civilian would be considered as an Outsider to Military, Police and Fire-Fighting Forces.  When they were Civilized Civilians before Choosing to enter those very Forces.
A Civilian Chooses to Serve their Community - their Country - their Civilized Civilization when joining - by joining the Military, Police or Fire-Fighting Forces.
An Outsider ?  They don’t start out that way, but I have Friends in the Military, Police and Fire-Fighting Forces who have told me that they view Civilians as The Other - as Outsiders of the Forces they represent and belong to as the Insiders - the In-Crowd - the Chosen Few.
Civilians.  Innies and Outies.  Tit-for-Tat, a Mouse or a Rat, People or Sheeple.  Civilians.
Innocent Civilians, Children and Adults, have died in the hundreds and been injured in the thousands in the Gaza Strip, overwhelming existing Hospitals and Morgues.  There is No Place at the Inn.  Outsiders murdered by Political, Economic and Military Insiders ?
The MH 17 Aircraft is blown out of the bright blue skies above Ukraine, spewing carelessly strewn desecrated Civilian Bodies of countless Loved Ones all over the World into beautiful Ukrainian Fields of Sunflowers - beautiful Ukrainian Fields of Pastoral Green.  All of them murdered by a partially trained trigger-happy Militia-Military, partially trained Insiders, and the Russian Operatists ordered to train as fast and best they can the Fear Monger Boogeying, well paid, Militia-Military Separatists.  Boogey-woogey-woogey !
And another Global Tragedy is mourned and haggled over, Pointed at as a Reason for doing things differently by Some, and denied and lied about within manipulative Games of Power (Bling ! Bling !), Money (Ching !  Ching !), and Usurpation (Boom ! Boom !) by Others.  Innies and Outies.  Collision Prone Zones (Ka-Pow !).
Civilians - Outsiders collided into by Military Force Insiders.  Civilians - Outsiders just going about the Common Activities of Maintaining and Sustaining Civilized Civilizations while the Military Insiders (and their Manipulative Political, Judicial and Economic Puppeteers) randomly and purposefully create Collaterally Damaged, De-Moralized, Crucified, Demonized, Utilized for one Military maneuver after another, ravaged and sometimes De-stroyed and De-Civilized Communities.
What better way to De-Stabilize Civilized Civilizations than to have their Civilians jerking around to the machinated and de-structive broken rhythms of the Fear Monger Boogey and the War Monger Limbo !
When you’re under the Limbo Stick how low can Civilized Civilizations and their made-to-be Fear-based Civilians go ?  Boogey-woogey-woogey and Ho-ho-ho !  Let’s all jump over and under Collision Prone Zones !
And then of course, there is the Strangely Twisted Logic that the murdered Civilians traveling within the MH 17 are Crime Victims while the Civilians murdered during Rocket attacks by the Palestinian, Head-of-the-Spear, Hamas, and the Rockets and Military Invasion by the Israelis, who have pseudo-imprisoned the Gazans within Gaza - pseudo-made the Gazans highly restricted and Un-dignified, De-Dignified pseudo-Concentration Campees, are not considered victims of a Crime Scene.  Really ?
Ancient Territorial Squabbles and Hatreds Re-Ignited upon Civilized Civilizations blighted by out-of-control Primal Instincts and Motivations and UnCivil Atrocities short-sighted.
Civilians murdered during Russian Usurpation of Crimea and the continually attempted Russian Usurpation of Ukraine.  And Civilians murdered by Israelis and Palestinians all seeking their Dignified piece of the Proverbial Pie.  All Collision Prone Zones threatening and De-stroying existing Civilized Civilizations Worldwide.  Innies-and-Outies-Round-Abouties !  My-Oh-My !
One way or another, this Ancient-Present-Day Global Innies-and-Outies Game of Cultural and Civilizational Chew-and-Spew (and many more very similar to them) will impact us All.
Technology has Connected the World-Mind.  It’s getting more difficult to pull the wool over the Civilized Sheeple-People’s Electronic Eye-balls and Airwaves.  Even Propaganda, over time can be De-Propagandized.
While hard-working, publicly and formally Educated, Civilization Building, Civilized Civilians Peacefully sit around Dinner tables Politely and Courteously Socializing about the latest and greatest Higher Ideals, Inventions and Technological Developments amidst Traditional or quasi-Customized Refinement, bullets suddenly spray through broken stained-glass windows and shattered priceless sculptures or an explosive Rocket screams through the air and blows all of their Higher Ideals and Socialized, Civilized Civilian Refinement all over the bloodied, de-composing flesh and bone splattered, bombed-out City Streets.  
Another Dis-ruptive and De-structive Innies and Outies Game Playing Event of More Value and Lesser Value, More Favored and Lesser Favored, More Meaningful and Less Meaningful Ideations Mentally, Emotionally and Physically Constructed and De-constructed within a Breath and an Exhalation. 
Another typically atypical Dis-rupted Civilized Civilian Moment within a Collision Prone Zone of an unraveling Civilization.
We Do have Other and Better Civilized Choices………..

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