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The 'Jesus Loves Me' Rodeo !
by Leah Sellers
2014-07-26 14:18:06
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“Mimi !  Mimi !  Little five year old Aydan gleefully shouted out as he ran across the living room floor with his arms outstretched to give his Beloved Grandma a Hug.
“Hello, my Sweet Boy !”  Mimi Avery greeted Aydan in return.  “Come give your Mimi a Hug !”
Aydan ran straight into Mimi Avery’s warm embrace saying,  “Mimi, I learned a new Song in Vacation Bible School today.  “Jesus Loves me this I Know.  For the Bible Tells me so.  Little Ones to Him Belong.  They are weak, but He is strong.  Yes, Jesus Loves me.  Yes, Jesus Loves me.  Yes, Jesus Loves me.  The Bible Tells me so.” ”
“Aydan, that’s a beautiful Song.  And you Sang it so well.  Your Mimi learned to Sing that very same Song in Vacation Bible School when she was a little Girl about your age.”
“I’m not a Girl, Mimi.  I’m a Boy,”  Aydan replied seriously.
“Mimi Avery chuckled delightedly saying, “Yes, I know, Aydan.  You’re Mimi’s very Special Boy.”
“Mimi, why is that Boy in the t.v. crying ?”  Aydan asked pointing at the t.v. screen.
Mimi Avery glanced quickly over at the news program she had been viewing before Aydan’s arrival with his Mother, Ashley.
“Mom Avery, what are you watching?”  Ashley asked as she entered the room carrying a sack full of groceries ?  “Let me get these things put away in the kitchen, and I’ll rejoin y’all in a few minutes.”
Mimi Avery picked up the t.v. remote saying, “Never you mind, Sweet Boy.  Mimi’s going to turn that ‘ole noisy thing off right now.”
The t.v. screen went black, leaving the shadowy reflection of Aydan staring back at the on-screen location the Crying Boy had occupied.
“Mimi, why was that Boy crying ?”  Aydan asked again, gazing earnestly at his Beloved Mimi.
“The Crying Boy is an Illegal Immigrant, Baby.  He’s sad because he got caught by the policemen at the Border, and will have to go back to his own Home, where he belongs.”
“Why is he sad to go Home, Mimi ?  I’m gald to go Home to my Mommy and Daddy.  Where are his Mommy and Daddy, Mimi ?”
“I imagine that they’re at Home in their own country, Aydan.  They paid some Bad Coyotes a lot of money to help him sneak into America.”
“Why, Mimi ?  Why did they send him away with Bad Coyotes ?  Those Coyotes could bite him and eat him.  Was he a Bad Boy ?”
“No, Honey, I don’t think he’s a Bad Boy.  He’s just an Illegal Immigrant.  He doesn’t belong here.  He needs to go back Home to his Mommy and Daddy.”
“What is a Illy-eagle Imigent, Mimi ?  Are they Bad People ?”
“Well, no, Aydan, they are not Bad People.  But they are coming into our country without the Proper Permission and Papers to do so.”
“Do I have the Proper Permission and Papers to be here, Mimi ?  Will Mommy and Daddy send me away some day ?”
“No, Aydan.  They will not, dear Boy.  That will never happen to you.”
“Why did they send the Crying Boy away, Mimi ?  Why would his Mommy and Daddy do that ?”
“Well, Aydan, the Crying Boy’s country is filled with people running around killing and hurting one another.  His Home is a very dangerous and crazy-making place to live.  So, his Mommy and Daddy sent him here to be safe.”
“Then we must help him, Mimi.  Jesus tells us so.  The Bible Tells us so.”  And Aydan began Singing once again, “Jesus Loves me this I Know.  For the Bible Tells me so.  Little Ones to Him Belong.  They are weak but He is strong.  Yes, Jesus Loves me.  Yes, Jesus Loves me.  Yes, Jesus Loves me.  The Bible tells me so.” ”
Aydan clapped his hands together at the Song’s end, saying, “I will teach the Crying Boy to climb up into my TreeHouse, and we will look through my telescope at the Stars with my Mimi and my Pops.  And I will take him to the Wodeo with my Mommy and Daddy !”
“The Wodeo ?”  Mimi asked for clarification.
“You’re not saying it right, Mimi.  It’s Wodeo.  We will go to the Wodeo where the Cowboys and Clowns wide the Horsies and bulls !  The Wodeo !”
“I’m sure that the little Crying boy would love to go to the Rodeo, Aydan,”  Mimi said gently as she stared intently at her Precious Grand Child.
“And Jesus can come to the Wodeo, too, Mimi !  We will all have fun at the Wodeo !”
“And how do you Know that, Baby Boy ?  What makes you so sure ?”  Mimi Avery asked her GrandSon pointedly.
“Jesus Loves Everybody, Mimi !  So, I’m ‘sposed to Love Everybody !  And we will Love Everybody at the Wodeo !  And the Crying Boy will laugh and have fun, too !  We will make the Bad People go away.  And the Crying Boy will be Happy with all of Us.  And we will Love him like Jesus Loves all of Us, because the Bible Tells us so.”
“Alright, what mischief are the two of you up to in here ?”  Ashley asked good humouredly as she re-entered the living room.
“Well, I’ve been listening to an old Song with some very New Ears, thanks to my Precious GrandChild.”  Mimi Avery gave Aydan another warm Hug and smiling at her daughter-in-law added,  “Who says that you can’t Teach an old Horse new Tricks.”
“Why do I get the feeling that I missed out on something that I would much rather have been a part of in here ?”  Ashely asked as she sat down beside Mimi Avery and her beaming Son.
“Mommy, will you and Mimi Sing my new Song with me for the
Crying Boy ?”
“The Crying Boy ?”  Ashley repeated.
“I’ll explain everything to you later, Ashley.  It’s quite a story.”  Mimi answered.
“Yes, Mommy we can all Sing it at the Wodeo !  The Jesus Loves me
Wodeo !

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