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Legitimized Rape !
by Leah Sellers
2014-07-15 10:52:55
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“Lady, are you Crazy ?  What do you mean that you want me sign some piece of paper before I Rape you ?  I’m right in the middle of somethin’ here !”
“Actually, sir, your SomeThing is about to find the middle of me.  And, yes Sir.  Mr. Rapist, Sir.  Due to some of the new Anti-Choice Laws being passed in many States, I have to be able to Prove that I have been Legitimately Raped just in case you get me pregnant, that is.  Otherwise, mum’s the word, because I do not wish to be stigmatized by the crime against MySelf and Humanity that you are about to commit.”
“You don’t want my Baby ?  What’s wrong with me ?  I’m a fine lookin’ Stud, and just look at how I know how to jauntily hang out and about.  You are definitely wrong in the Head, Lady.”
“It is not my Head which is at issue here, Sir.  You, Sir, are a Rapist. I have told you “No” repeatedly, that I do not want to have sex with you, and may I add, that I do not want to be Raped by you.  And still you persist.”
“There is something inherently wrong with you, Sir, that you Choose to Mis-Behave in this way.  I would consider your Seed to be a Bad Seed - a Dark Seed, Sir.”
“So, I beg you to sign this previously prepared Legal Document given to me by my lawyer in case such a horrid day should ever befall me.”
“I need you to Legitimize this heinous Rape, and relieve me of any further Responsibilities or Connections to you which may arise from this terrible Moment in Time.  Other than the years of costly Therapy I will probably have to undergo in order to get over with what you are about to do to me.”
“Please, Sir, sign this Legitimate Rape Form.  I will lie here quietly with my Eyes shut tight while you do the Violence to me and my Life that you have Chosen to do, if you will only sign this Legal Document Legitimizing this Rape.”
“Lady, you are too Crazy for me !  I’m takin’ me and my Slanderized Seed elsewhere.”  With that said, the Flustered Rapist got up off of the Crazy Woman, and strode out of the room slamming the door behind him, and his deflating and baffling experience with nearly Legitimized Rape, and the Legally Prepared Crazy Lady he had nearly IlLegally and ImMorally victimized by his purely Selfish Need, Want and Drive to Poke-Rape-and-Run.

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