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Bohemian Poetica
by Nikos Laios
2014-07-11 10:32:27
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Imagine a world without poetry, imagine a world without art?
What a tragedy that would be.

Imagine a world without musicians and dreamers,troubadours and actors;imagine
A world bereft of colour?

It would be like living in a silent black and white Nosferatu film; a chilling and eerie silent world of terror lived amongst the char-filled, groaning,rusted hulks and remnants of destroyed cities;of dusty musty hallways and doorways, and empty ballrooms laced with cobwebs,and crooked paintings and photographs of a long lost age of humanity.

That's the kind of world that we are living in right now;an increasingly melancholy world of lost imagination,class and dignity;lived to the sounds of bomb shells, and cracked churches bells.

A mono and duo-syllabic world,of the two-digit IQ; a Facebook,Twitter and Instagram world.

img_1243_400I live in a world where one half of the world's teenagers want to get wasted on Friday and Saturday nights soaked in alcohol,whilst the teenagers on the other side of the world are training themselves as suicide bombers to become martyrs and to embrace the myriads of virgins that await them in their delusional afterlife.

All this,while the rest of us waste our lives away likes rats on a running wheel lubricating the wheels of industry. While the world bank cracks the whip over nations like petulant children for failing - a failure which is measured in terms of materialism and finance, rather than a failure and poverty of the soul and of the mind.

As poet and artist, I despair, and sometimes I feel a little like the Dodo bird;I can sense that our numbers are shrinking every year, to be replaced by vacuous,shallow,fame seeking,materialistic 'Kardashianesque' clones.

A world that no longer seeks an authenticity of the self; a world of fifteen minutes of fame that Warhol prophesied.

It seems that one can mark a circle in the mid-twentieth century, from the late 1950's onwards,where humanity started to lose class,dignity,intelligence and nobility of the soul;a point where the world started to dumb down.Somewhere between Elvis and the rat-pac, to The Doors,and The Rolling Stones.

I feel sorry for the new generations; I look around me at some unnamed members of my very own circles here in Australia ; university educated nieces who converse in a mono-duo syllabic vocabulary - and like the rest of their generation - lost and unable to construct a logical argument or thought; fraught with histrionic operatic child-like emotions.

I see it in the streets everywhere here in Sydney in the pubs, clubs and street corners; supposedly educated young adults,soaked in alcohol,and turned into ranting,raving,raging egomaniacs out of control;lost in street fights and broken bottles over bloodied heads.Where young adults are killed by one-punch king-hits by other fellow alcohol soaked teens and young adults.

Imagine if the world was ruled by poets,artists,musicians,intellects and dreamers?
What would this world be like?

Socrates in Plato's 'The Republic' I think sums this up when he exclaims;

"Until philosophers rule as kings or those who are now called kings and leading men genuinely and adequately philosophise, that is, until political power and philosophy entirely coincide…cities will have no rest from evils…there can be no happiness, either public or private, in any other city."

I would prefer that my poetic,artistic and musical rulers of the world hold government not in lofty gilded,marble hallways of aristocratic power,but in cafes and Jazz clubs;holding court in corner tables surrounded by their fellow man.As mellow musical notes waft;mingling with tendrils of cigarette smoke and perfume as everyone sinks into a warm musical embrace.

As they sink into their mahogany leather bound chairs;ice clinking in their crystal scotch glasses as the soft blue jazz notes floats over the crowd,descending and dusting their souls with joy as they discuss the affairs of state.

This is the kind of world that I want to live in; a world where dreamers are politicians,and politicians are dreamers; a world where the ruling elite rub shoulders and govern amongst their fellow man.

But instead, we are ruled by the bespectacled,weak,inbred offspring of the aristocracy and the plutocracy, and what has this achieved thus far?

A world riven with chaos,blood,loss and dust, and even more insecure now than at any other stage of world history.

We've had a political revolution by the communists, then a political revolution by the fascists, and then recently a victorious revolution by the capitalists; and in some isolated pockets of the world, a revolution by a backward medieval styled religious theocratic fascism.

Now the time has come for a new revolution,a revolution by the poets,artists,musicians,and philosophers; a revolution by the Bohemians
of the world.

But who will be our Engels? Who will be our Marx? Who will be our Keynes?

I want to live in a world where the self-actualisation of each person is enshrined,where society gives weekly time to allow this to occur; I want to live in a world that promotes dreamers and lovers,for through them will we cleanse and keep the innocence of our souls intact.

All this can be achieved if humanity wishes it so, if we strive with a common purpose,if we set aside self-interest.

All that separates us from a better world is just six degrees of separation in being able to restructure our world. The American writer Jacob Nordby once said:

"Blessed are the weird people:poets,misfits,writers,mystics,painters,troubadours:for they teach us to see the world through different eyes"

We only have one world; this small shinning blue-white marbled ball that hangs in the blackness of time and space all alone; this one single point in all the cosmos that is alive and pulsating with warmth and life, and it is beholden upon all of mankind to place our childish foibles aside and labour in unity to ensure that our time on our world is a happier and enlightened one.


With digital drawings from Nikos Laios


Nikos Laios, North Sydney, Australia


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Emanuel Paparella2014-07-11 12:30:05
Indeed, Mr. Laios, some have misguidedly told us that we are living at the end of history. That of course is an impossibility as long as man is man-towards-death and lives in space and time. We do however live at the end of utopia, in cynical Machiavellian times proud of its realism but bereft of imagination and idealism. That mind set, fortunately, can be turned around. All we need to do is to recover our imagination and sense of purpose, remember who we once were and what our destiny is as human beings. Ignazio Silone called it "the conspiracy of hope."

Long live the conspiracy of hope.

Mirella Ionta2014-07-11 17:00:16
"Now the time has come for a new revolution,a revolution by the poets,artists,musicians,and philosophers; a revolution by the Bohemians of the world." I couldn't agree more!

Nikos Laios2014-07-13 04:56:18
That's it then,it's decided....let's form the first revolutionary committee of the Bohemians!

Emanuel Paparella2014-07-13 15:44:59
I am afraid, Mr. Laios, that by the time these proposals are read, if indeed they are, read, nobody will be looking at this site any longer. But I suppose, there is always a remnant, something remains, hope remains, for if she does not we are doomed.

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