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Re-Buffed Buffer Zones
by Leah Sellers
2014-07-11 10:32:16
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“Whoo-Wee !  Jethro, we Corporate Plutocratic, Autocratic Oligarchs have put another dent into Basic Human Rights for the Many once again, Bucko !”
“What are you talkin’ about, Hank ?  I swear, half the time I don’t even know what you’re talkin’ about.  What is this about Corporate Oligarchs automatically puttin’ a dent into the Land Rights of the Planet, Pluto ?”
“For your information, Pluto is no longer a Planet, and sometimes you act just as far out as the non-Planet, Pluto, Jethro.  You really need to get those hearing aids you were talkin’ about lookin’ into a few weeks back.”
“Well, just what did you say ?”
“I was talkin’ about some of these new Supreme Court’s decisions that have goin’ down in our favor.  In favor of the Few and against the massive Many, Jethro.”
“Well, what have the black mantled Murder of Crows decided, Hank ?”
“Do you read the papers or listen to the news at all, Jethro ?”
“Nope.  And why should I.  I have you.”
“Right.  Point taken, Pardner.  Well, I remember mentionin’ to you a while back that the Supreme Court had been tossed a case by the owner of Hobby Lobby who claimed that payin’ for his Female Employees Feminine Healthcare was against his Religious Beliefs.  Well, it appears that the Females are gonna’ be gettin’ a bit huffy-puffy and sobby with Hobby Lobby, ‘cause Hobby Lobby won their case primarily on the principle of the Owner’s Religious Freedoms not bein’ con-stricted or re-stricted by any Government Laws, such as the Affordable Healthcare Act.  Meanin’ that Hobby Lobby’s Owner has every Right to tell his Female Employees to Work elsewhere or go out and buy their own Healthcare Insurance if they want any form of Contraception, ‘cause his Religious Beliefs trump their Basic Human Rights and Basic Healthcare Needs.”
“Can Corporations say that they have Religious Beliefs and Rights that their Employees must abide by ?  How can that be, Hank ?  Have they legalized Bigotry and Dis-crimination ?”
“It can Be and Will Be, despite bigotry and dis-crimination, ‘cause this same Supreme Court ruled that Corporations are Individuals.  That Corporations are People, and that Money is Free Speech.  So, the more Money you’ve got the more valuable your Free Speech is.  And the more Money you have to form a Corporation with, the more Rights, as a Corporate-Individual, you have in order to force your Religious Beliefs and Con-victions on any and all other Lesser Human Bein’s who don’t have as much Money or Privileges as you have or the Corporate-Individual Entity to empower themselves with as The Bosses - The Corporate Oligarchs do.  It’s just another way to put Worker Bees in their Rightful Place, Jethro, while they grovel around and barely scrape by to Work for The Bosses for Non-Livable, just as Minimum as they can be, Wages.”
“What does all of this mean, Hank ?”
“It means that The Bosses - the Corporate Oligarchs are being very successful at continuing to tear down the very Rights that used to Protect Worker Bees from UnFair demands or requirements from their Bosses which could personally be detrimental to themselves.  It means that the Collective Voice of The Many is being diminished to a mere squeak.  To a blitherin’ blatherin’ squawk !  It means that Unions are dyin’ a slow death, because they represent the Collective Voices of The Many, and that therefore, we The Few hate them and want them dead and buried into oblivion !  It means that The Bosses Rule !  The Corporate Oligarchs Rule !”
“What Religion is this Hobby Lobby owner ?”
“He’s a Christian, Jethro.”
“But didn’t Christ tell us to do unto Others as we would have them Do unto us ?”
“No, no, Hank.  I’m no Church-Goer, but I think that Christ told his disciples to go out and Stick it unto others before they Stick it unto you or somethin’ to that effect…”
“Well, I am an occasional Church-Goer, Hank.  And I’m pretty sure that Jesus Christ would never use words like that.  He was all about Lovin’ your Neighbors as YourSelf and bein’ a Good Samaritan to those in Need….”
“Alright, alright, can we get off of that little piece of News and let me tell you about this other piece of The Bosses of the World are winning News, and sendin’ the Worker Bees of the World spinnin’ - their wheels that is.  Malevolent Capitalism is on the Move Jethro !”
“Go ahead, Hank, who’s stopping’ ya’ or Malevolent Capitalism for that matter?”
“Well, the Supreme Court, which ruled itself its own two hundred and fifty foot Buffer Zone for Protection of themselves, ruled against a thirty-five foot Buffer Zone protectin’ Women goin’ into Pro-Choice Women’s Healthcare Clinics to get Contraception or an Abortion.”
“It appears that a little old Granny brought about the suit with some other folks, sayin’ that she needed to get closer to the young women enterin’ the Clinic so that she could talk them out of the contraceptive services or abortion they were needin’ or wantin’.  That it was stridently harsh and unseemly to have to yell at them from thirty-five feet away while they were walkin’ into the Clinics to get fixed.  The Granny wanted to have the Buffer Zone go away, and the already Buffer Zone protected Supreme Court said, “Okay, consider it done, Granny and the rest of the whole U.S. of A. to boot !”
“That doesn’t sound fair to me, Hank.  What about the Women’s Rights to Protect themselves from Harrassment or weirdo-berserkos who might want to do them harm ?  Might even want to shoot them or the Clinic Workers dead like they have in the past ?  What about their Basic Human Rights ?”
“That’s the point, Jethro.  Each of these cases is all about the takin’ away of Basic Human Rights that once existed for EveryBody.  About Americans Basic Human Rights bein’ whittled down to only suit the needs and wants of The Few.  Whoever the Few may be.”
“But that’s UnAmerican.  That’s UnDemocratic, Hank !  We can’t sit back and watch all of these New Laws bein’ pushed by the so-called Religious Right and Republican-Tea Partier Right continue to take away All Americans Voting Rights, Speech Rights, Women’s Rights, Healthcare Rights, Workers Rights…”
“Oh yes, we can and we will.  Jethro, you are a 1%er now.  A majestic member of The Few.  A Corporate Oligarch tryin’ to expand your Corporate Kingdom - your Corporate Empire’s Control and Power.  You cannot afford to go soft on taking away the Rights of The Many - of the Worker Bees of the World.  We need them stripped of as many Rights as we can get by with takin’ away from them through our Pay-offs and Influence in the Right Places within Governments and Courts Worldwide.  We need the Worker Bees to be docile Drones.  Docile Sheeple.  We are Predators and they are the Prey.  Prey that we Use and Abuse as Vassals and Slaves.  And we can only do that if we take away their Rights and help them to Self-destroy (through their Fears, Bigotries, Dis-criminations, Tribalistic Tendencies, Superstitions and Apathies) their very own Democracy and create Chaos.  Then, while everything is slip-slidin’ away, we, The Few, the Mighty and Powerful Corporate Oligarchs, step in to save the day, and make even more Money off of their wooly, stinkin’ hides while re-establishing a true Autocratic, Plutocratic, Feudalistic National and World Order filled with nothing but Oligarchic Feudalistic Competitive and Warring Corporate Empires.”
“The United States of America is the Brightest Beacon of Living, Breathing and Thriving Democratic Idealism the World has ever known.  If we put out that Light, only We, The Few, remain to re-establish Order.  Not Hope or Dreams for better Opportunities or a better Life or Equal Rights for One and All.  That’s all Hogwash !  That goes against all of our Plans and our Pocketbooks.”
“No, Jethro, we must destroy all Democracies and Socialistic Entities for our Plans to succeed.  We must Be all about the “Me” not about the “We”.  We must be all about “Malevolent Greed and Might”  not about  “Benevolent Meeting of Needs and Basic Human Rights”.”
“Jethro, you need to get with The Program of The Few already set into motion or jump ship and sink with the rest of the drowning, wooly, bleating Sheeple.  I just hope that you’ll make the Right Choice, because The Few are on the Move.”
“Well, Jethro ?”
“Baaaaaaaaaaaaa !” Jethro bleated loudly as he turned his back on his old friend, and Hank’s diminishing Re-Buff of America’s crucial Buffer Zones that are the very Protective and Supportive underpinnings and foundation of the Land of the Free - the Land of the Bound.

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