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A Bite of Awesomeness A Bite of Awesomeness
by Aakanksha Tyagi
2014-07-10 13:49:35
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A little puffed wheat disc with an amalgamation of sweet and sour tiny bits of potatoes, filled with tangy mint water!!

No it’s not mere narrative of a recipe…!!

These tiny tangy puris popularly known as panipuri and golgappa are not just a scrumptious street food but a way of life in India. 

Referred with scores of names in different parts of the country like panipuri, golgappa, pani-batasha, phuchka, this mouth watering snack has long been a source of joy on festivities and has unfailingly uplifted countless evenings across the streets of India.

My first experience with panipuri was at the age of four in a busy market place in New Delhi. Since then it has been a constant to most if not all my evenings. Not just a treat for my taste buds, but a stress buster. When down in the dumps it has been a source of joy!

From a shady stall in an oblivious street, a very basic one served with dirty hands of a teenager at India Gate, one in the local market and in variants across old Delhi and food outlets in the city. Panipuri has been ever delightful and promising in all its various versions. When in India any season, crossways all the weathers you will find a panipuri seller just a stone throw away. Wherever you travel in India golgappa will find you as a faithful friend. Panipuri is a perfect blend of all the possible flavors, it’s sweet, it’s sour, it’s tangy, and it’s spicy. Panipuri is a fantastic harmony of all possible taste and is amazingly blissful.

My recent experience with Bengali phuchka in Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi was even more splendid. I found it reasonably different than the typical Delhi golgappa. It is served with mashed potatoes and tamarind water. This taste is distinctly new for a usual Delhi golgappa fan.

It’s incredible how a small tangy disc braid together our vividly diverse country.

This is just the beginning for me to explore the multiplicity of panipuri in my diverse land and it sure has lot more to offer!


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Amit Rajawat2014-07-12 17:36:19
very distinctive way to put mundane recipe into greater experience engulfing diversity of india..just want to thank author for popularising an indian product which found its place in a recent kangana's movie too. .

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