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by David Sparenberg
2014-07-06 12:38:13
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The violin is my voice; the piano my footsteps.  In stars I shall sleep.  And whisper my way with the winding river to that ocean of an infinite ecstasy.

A tree on an island shall bear the fruit of my heart.  And the wind in high summer gently breeze over to remind others of my soul.

I have not always loved as fully as I could, still I have loved.  Love is a breed of courage.  Love transcends where it begins.  And I have given myself to the climate change of tenderness.

Even once this violin bow, growing frayed, comes to rest, tried strings continue to vibrate, shaping in spirit (as rosebud or as snowflake etching) patterns that resemble clouds.  And the sweet-weeping music continues.

There is no reason (weighing fear between two shores) to say good-bye to our wild  taste of honey, to salt of tears, to the mystic campfire of kisses.

If you look, as in dreaming and as lovers should, tiny rainbows are painting icons within the pairing and beyond partings of human fingers.  The music has always been possessive, for the sake of feeling.  And footsteps now are dancers' relays for the healing of the world.

David Sparenberg
26 June 2014

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Mary Trainor-Brigham2014-07-06 20:29:00
Splendid and soul~replenishing!

Hope Bradford2014-07-08 00:46:06
Experiential archetypes awaken something that has been and always will be.

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