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The Seduction-Reduction Theory
by Leah Sellers
2014-07-01 10:41:27
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“No Man, I love the Art of Seduction.  The Sweet, Sweets of Promises, Promises.”  Claudio said smoothly.  “It’s the Sugar and Spice of Life, my Friend.”
“I don‘t really know you that well, Claudio.  You can hardly say that we’re Friends.  We’re really Work Associates,” Jessie corrected.
“Yeah, but we’re closely Associated while we Work, my Man.  Closely Associated,”  Claudio insisted matter-of-factly.
“Claudio, you’re a Coyote, and I’m an Financial Investment Broker.  We have nothing in common, my Man,” Jessie spat out sarcastically.
“Oh, but you are wrong, Jessie.  Excuse me, Mr. Financial Investment Broker, sir.  Dead wrong,”  Claudio said with a knowing grin.
“For instance, Jessie, I, as The Coyote, go out to my People in Mexico, Central America, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and other places in South America, and I, The Coyote, convince them - Seduce them into handing their Money, their Lives, their Hopes and their Dreams over to me for the Opportunity of a Lifetime.  A chance to escape the growing Gangs, the increasing sexual abuse, the ever prevalent drug trafficking, the murderous and chaotic violence.  To escape their Fears and their Miseries for the Promised Land.  The Land of Milk and Honey, Norte America.”
“They are drawn to my Seductions and Promises like Bees to Flower Fragrant Pollen.  They want me to make my Honey.  To make their Lives Honey - sweet, golden, delicious Honey.  Thick with Promises and Opportunities and Hopes and Dreams.  But, In Fact and Reality my Friend, Mr. Financial Investment Broker, I am The Coyote, The Trickster, The Pied Piper Seducing and Luring his little rats into dirty, tight underground tunnels like wriggling scorpions, and into days of wandering thirsty and hungry through the dangerous and treacherous UnForgiving deserts, and into the backs of dark, hot truck beds to urinate and defecate upon themselves for fear of stopping and being arrested by the Border Patrol.”
“And, yes, at times, me and my Amigos, Mr. Financial Investment Broker pull our trucks over and sexually abuse the very same Mothers and Daughters who had already been raped and beaten in the villages and cities they are fleeing from.  But, I am The Coyote, and some pay A Price higher for the Promised Land than others.  Everything in Life is a toss of the coin, my Friend, Mr. Financial Investment Broker.  Some of my fleeing Rats make it across the Border to supposed Freedom, and some do not.  Most get caught, and when they can pay me to Guide them across The Border again, off we go with a toss of the coin.  I offer them no Protection or Safety.  In fact, in many ways I am as dangerous and treacherous as the journey they are making to the Promised Land, but still they come.”
“It is a Border Crossing of Tears, Sweat and Death, but still they come.  Because any well dressed and glittering Hell is better than the one they are leaving,”  Claudio took a long breath, and stared earnestly at Jessie.
“And you, my Friend, Mr. Financial Investment Broker, are a part of the same Thing I call the Seduction-Reduction Theory,”  Claudio began.
“How so, Claudio ?’  Jessie asked seriously.
You, too, Seduce the Rats into your Money-Honey Trap to Reduce them.”
“I don’t Seduce or Reduce my clients, Claudio, I offer them a Service that helps make them more of the Money they already have,”  Jessie answered defensively.
“Ah, but that is not always true, Mr. Financial Investment Broker-Man, you Seduce your clients in with Promises of Greater Wealth and Returns based upon your Expertise and Knowledge, but you offer them no Protection or Safety against the vagaries of their Financial Journey.  No, like me, like The Coyote, all you offer is a way to arrive at their Financial Promised Land.  The Great Pay-off in the Sky  If they are bitten by Lying Snakes, such as yourself, or beaten, bloodied and broken in the Desert Lands of the so-called Free Markets along the way to their Greedy Hope and Dream Destinations, they do so at the toss of a coin.  All perils and near escapes are determined by happenstance.  So much for well laid, and well paid Plans.  It is not your fault or concern if they falter, get lost or die Financially.  You took their Money, Benefits from the Returns you made off of their Money, all of their Trust, Hope and Dreams and did the best a Coyote can do with it.  You have no Responsibility to Protect them or see them Safely through to their Journey’s end.  In fact, there are ways that you can Benefit even more, if you allow them to falter, get lost or die within the Wild, Wild West of Money-Honey Land.”
“It is a Land where every Coyote is out for himself.  It is a Coyote eat Coyote Money-Honey Trap.  You, too, Seduce and Reduce Some Rat-Patsy in order to get your Pay Day,”  Claudio paused.  “We are very much alike, Jessie.  You just do your Seduction and Reduction of others clothed in a silk suit and better manners within some Castle in the Sky somewhere in The Promised Land.  I am merely stating the Facts and the Truth, one Coyote to another Coyote, my Friend.”
“Coyotes Seduce you to Reduce you in order to Increase themselves.  It’s a simple Plan and Theory to Live by, Jessie.  An Ancient and Primal Plan and Theory.”
“Both of us have been in business together as Work Associates for years.  Both of us have been prospering from, practicing and Living by the Seduction-Reduction Theory for a very long time,”  Claudio announced.
“I am a Coyote.  You are a well dressed Coyote.  But We are The Coyotes who keep the Money Making Energies of the Seduction-Reduction, tried and proved, Theory perpetuated in today’s so-called Free Markets.  We Coyotes, my Friend, are the Guardians of the Money-Honey Traps.  It’s what we Do and who we Are, we just can’t go around Howling about it,”  Claudio smiled sideways at Jessie gauging his reactions.  “Accept amongst other Coyotes that is.”
Jessie gazed at Claudio silently for a moment.  “How about joining me for a drink at the Cantina a couple of blocks form here ?  We can complete our business there, while seeking out some pretty faces for company.”
“Two Coyotes on the Prowl.  Now, that’s something to Howl about.  Lead the way, my Friend, Jessie.”

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