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Tragedy versus Mere InConvenience
by Leah Sellers
2014-06-24 12:11:43
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“Yes,” the Woman on the Radio Program said, ”My Book is about how not to make a Mere InConvenience in your Life a Tragedy.  It is a Life Motivational Book.”
“Can you give our Listeners an Idea of or an Instance showing how a Tragedy got turned into a Mere InConvenience ?”
“Oh, yes.  Gladly.  A few years ago I arrived home from vacation overseas to find my House destroyed by fire.  I lost 80% of everything I owned.  So, like everyone else, I called my Insurance Company to appraise the damages, and help me begin the process of ReBuilding my Home.”
“The Insurance Agent I spoke to on the phone told me after arriving at my Home, that I was the first call that they had ever received regarding such extensive Fire damages that had not sounded like an emotionally ridden Emergency.”
“I took what the Insurance Agent said to me as a real Compliment.  Why should I have over reacted and emotionally over charged what had happened to my Home.  It was a mere InConvenience and not a Tragedy.”
“Even my having to stay at a nearby hotel for awhile, while my Home was being ReBuilt could have been viewed by myself as a Tragedy, but instead I Chose to view it as a mere InConveniece.”
“In fact, my commendable Attitude so inspired the bell man that had to deal with me and my two dogs every day, and other Hotel Staff that waited on me daily as well, that just before I left the Hotel to move into my newly built home, they all surprised me with Gifts.  Each of them had contributed Items which replaced many of the common, ordinary things that I had lost in the Fire, but which one needs to run one’s home effectively.”
“But surely, what is a Tragedy and what is a Mere InConvenience is Relative,”  the Radio Host queried ?
“How so ?  I made a Conscience Choice not to feed even more Negative Emotional Energies into a very UnFortunate Life Event.”
“Yes, but obviously, you had the monies at your disposal to take care of your Problem.  A Benefit of Circumstance which contributed quite substantially to your being able to see everything that had happened to your lost Home and Personal Belongings, and temporary dislocation of yourself and your two dogs, as a Mere InConvenience, and not a Tragedy,’  the Radio Host explained. “Most people that I know of do not have those same Beneficial Circumstances.”
“In fact, some couples, both of whom are Working two full time jobs at Low Minimum or UnSustainable Wages, still can’t even afford to have Insurance on their Homes.  They have to make Choices daily concerning their capabilities to just be able to maintain Food, Shelter, Clothing and Transportation to Work.”
“I must add that many people would not be even be able to afford to ReBuild a new Home after a serious Fire.  They would be permanently DisPlaced.  Nor would they be able to afford to RePlace everything they Lost in the Fire.  Nor would they be able to afford to stay in a hotel which housed daily Wait Staff and Bellmen to meet their, or their two dogs every whim or whimper.  They would be busy scooping up their own poop which had expelled itself into their already InConveniantly stress filled Lives.”
“Most People Living day-to-day in the UnFortunate Realities of today’s Economy would experience a House Fire very differently from yourself, Madame.  They would truly Experience it as a long-term trouble ridden Tragedy, and not a short-term mere InConvenience.”
“Do you have a better example of how a Tragedy can be Viewed as a Mere InConvenience within your Book, Madame ?  I’m sure that our Listeners would be anxious to hear it, due to your widespread reputation and well documented expertise in the field of Motivational Work.”
“Well, no…..I don’t…..In fact, I feel as though I am in the midst of a catastrophic Tragedy at this very moment in time, young lady.  This is no Moment of Mere InConvenience.  I am afraid that I am strongly Motivated to pull the plug on the rest of this horrid Interview.”
“I’m sorry that you feel that way, Madame,”  the Radio Host proffered.  “However, this Radio Experience has truly proven at least one of Life’s Lessons.  One person’s mere InConvenience can Be another person’s terrible, emotional Tragedy.  And that in this Life all things truly are Conveniently or InConveniently Relative.”

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Emanuel Paparella2014-06-24 14:07:11
Indeed, the serial killer's convenient pleasure for killing is undoubtedly an inconvenience for the victim of his crimes, but the sociopath will nevertheless insist that Kant was wrong in insisting on categorical moral imperatives, that all actions are relative and subjective dictated by convenience or inconvenience according to the situation at hand. Were that the case, Charles Manson ought to be let out of jail at once. He has been inconvenienced enough.

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