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The Greek express
by Thanos Raftopoulos
2014-06-21 10:22:55
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From this issue the Ovi magazine welcomes a new member in our team of contributors, Thanos Raftopoulos. Thanos is a Greek creator who lives in the middle of the Greek crisis turmoil and the consequences in the Greek society. And he projects all that and many more with humour in his illustrations.

In his own words: “Born in early 1970’s in south Athens, with a variety of professions in my career path and the mishap to have worked for a dozen of years for a devastated sector in Greece, the one of cars. I consider myself a modern satirical cartoonist, highly recognized by all my close friends! They also blame me on how I can deliver such sense of humour embodied in art, while I never eat sweets or sugar at any use… I also adore biking, innovative and imaginative creations.”



 After Greece defeat from Colombia 3 - 0 for the World Cup 2014


 The confusion surveys cause to the voters.


 With the cross in hand to save Europe!

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