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The Gift The Gift
by Nikos Laios
2014-06-19 11:09:40
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The Gift

In this mellow day,
In this yellow day;
The breeze gently 
Caressed the
img_1173_400The maracas shook,
And the cicadas clicked
Their serenade, as the
Babble of the crowd rose
Amongst the eucalyptus
Trees, celebrating the
Sun, as they salsa danced
Near the sand, under the 
Luminescent leaves;
In this mellow,
Yellow day.
The soft
Diffusing light
Mingling with the
Delicious, mellifluous
Sounds that super DJ
Played; wafting
Over the Crowd near
The pool like an aroma,
Amongst the whirring
Flashing blue, red
And Yellow laser
Licking our ears;
Flicking our fears,
Trickling down our
Spines; sending the
Crowd into a
Rapturous smile;
In this mellow,
Yellow day.
While the sounds of
The music mingled
With that of the smoke
Machine; with that of the laughter,
With that of the joy;
Amongst the splashing
Foaming pool, as
The surrounding
Trees all bowed in
Reverence, for they had
Witnessed a miracle.
That man can
Again return
To the embrace of
Mother earth
Like a child;
In this mellow day,
In this yellow day.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


Nikos Laios, North Sydney, Australia

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