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Signature of all things: world and beyond! Signature of all things: world and beyond!
by Aakanksha Tyagi
2014-06-17 11:17:00
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Elizabeth Gilbert of the Eat Pray Love fame in her latest novel "signature of all things" has touched an archaic, delicate and complicated yet most sought after ideas about divinity, spirituality and profound desire of human kind for eternal life and salvation.


© Photo by Debmalya Bhattacharya

In all the religions of the world the ultimate fate of human life is defined in the black and white shades of hell and heaven. Ever wondered how small and insignificant these theories make all of us feel. The need to discover world beyond this world, the race for salvation and heaven makes human life nothing less than an entrance test for the unseen life beyond death. Our performance here in this world determines our position in the world beyond.

Alma Whittaker the lead of this novel is a woman of science and reason, blessed with the innate ability of argument which helps her advance on her path of truth. She is a symbol of endurance and dignity. A strong, unattractive botanist who is part disciplined to live through a sad and lonely life committed to her study of mosses and part smutty who enjoys tickling her quim and desire for carnal communion.

 It is a tale of tension between science and divine. A saga of her travel through different time scales, the human, geological, divine and her very own moss time scale, transecting through all these, she carved a niche for her own self. It's a story of bottomless sorrow and overflowing emotions of a conqueror father, a disciplinarian mother, a prudent and sacrificing sister and a mystical companion.

 Alma's story raises questions of existence; it brings out the doubts about the origin and purpose of life.  It springs up the confusion over the human sacrifice and its contradiction with natural laws. Alma draws parallel between human endurance and forbearance with the tiniest and most oblivious autotrophs.

It is worth contemplating whether humans are exceptional of natural selection. Can humans be kept away from the realm of evolution? Are we all created for a greater purpose in comparison to other species? Doesn’t the longing for spiritual after-world reflect our need for feeling significant than the other forms of creation! Ever wondered why there is a bias for human salvation and not for other life forms.

We might not get all these answers, but getting all the answers will still not take us anywhere. We have to carve our own truth, create our own answers and our own time scales.

The purpose lies in the journey it self and not beyond the finishing line!


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Hil Poitiers2014-06-19 07:01:49
Your conclusion, a blunt declaration, culminates a rather rash critique of the religious mind. Every moment of this life is infinitely precious, heavenly even, to a Catholic Christian, precisely because the temporal and eternal intersect, palpably. Moreover, only human reason, with its need to know, leads to essential questions it cannot answer apart from faith.

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