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Supposition: What if....
by Leah Sellers
2014-06-16 11:22:27
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What if…..the President of the United States practiced the American Ideal that America never leaves any American Soldier behind, against some less than appealing odds.  What if those less than appealing odds were the simultaneous Release of Five very dangerous Taliban Leaders ?  What if the American Military-Prisoner of War traded for these Five very dangerous Taliban Leaders Release was accused by his Unit (so-called) Buddies of being a Deserter, a Traitor UnWorthy of Saving.
What if…..this young Soldier is in many ways Representative of the very Complicated and Ambiguous Thoughts and Emotions most Americans feel toward the last two Middle Eastern Wars ?
What if….the Nature of this young Soldier’s Personae is somehow Symbolic of America’s confused and confusing Sentiments toward the Wars and Rumors of Wars for Oil - for Money - for ultimately Mega-Corporate-(bought and sold) Government-Militaristic-Imperialistic Reasonings ?
What if….America, as a Whole, has been a Prisoner of War and Rumors of War ?  If America has been Deserted and the Deserter (the Secessionist gun totin’ rumblings and grumblings) ?  If America has been held all too long as a Hostage to the Needs and Greeds of the Oil and Money Mega-Corporations, Mega-Banks and over inflated, Kingdom Building, Plutocratic Oligarchs ?
What if…..like the Oil and Money Mega-Corporations, Mega-Banks and Plutocratic, Kingdom Building, Oligarchs some folks in America want to ruin Bowe Bergdahl’s Homecoming, and possibly the rest of his Life and Reputation, just to also continue to sabotage the President and the morale of the American People ?  To sabotage America, the bright and lustrous Gemstone of Democracy ?
What if…..President Obama is Honoring his Promise to get America out of all of the Wars and Rumors of Wars she has been pushed, bombed, prodded and coerced to pay for and waste the Lives of more of her Children and her Future in ?
What if……the Mega-Corporate-Government-Militaristic War Machine for Oil, and Money and Territory didn’t want the President of the United States to stop their War Machinery (and the Money they also made off of the War Machinery supported by, and paid for by American Tax Payers dollars).  Didn’t want the President of the United States to put a crimp in their Oil, Money, Territorial Gluttony, and so decided to Pay-off and Use the Red Ragin’ Republican/ Tea Partiers (and some Red Ragin’ State Democrats) to Sabotage and Diffuse the President, and his Energies and Efforts at every
turn ?  And while Sabotaging and Diffusing the Life’s Energies of the President, they simultaneously do the same thing to the Democratic Heart and Soul of America ?
What if…. One of the reasons Bowe Bergdahl didn’t fit into his Unit was because he didn’t want to go to the strip clubs with the guys, because he felt that he was not in Afghanistan to Use and Dis-Respect Women for his own arrogant and selfish wants and needs, because he was a Conscientious Idealist who had Volunteered to BeCome a Marine in order to Serve and Protect America, and to Help Free and Protect the Afghan People (and their Women) from the tyrannical cruelties and vagaries of the Taliban and Al Quaeda ?
What if……Bowe Bergdahl had witnessed an Afghan Child being run over and killed by an American who didn’t really think that much about what they had done, because they viewed the Child as a member of the Enemy Club.  And Bowe Berdahl, an Idealist and young Man of Conscience was sickened and Dis-Heartened by this event, and many other such frequent War Zone
Horrors ?
What if…….Bowe Bergdahl and his Family had lived intensely private, ’off-the-grid’ Lives in the Idaho Wilderness before he Chose to enlist in the Marines, and Ideally Serve his Country ? 
What if…. he and his Family were primarily Isolationists, and he was Under-Socialized to a whole variety and diversity of Folks with different Cultural Ideals and Habits from his own ?
What if….Bowe Bergdahl’s Unit gave him Culture Shock ?  If Afghanistan gave him Culture Shock ?  The War and the Horrors of War gave his overall Psyche a Shock ?  If he felt Fooled and DisIllusioned by and with the War and Rumors of War Efforts ?  If the Isolationist Behaviors he had been raised with kicked in when he Needed Emotional Release from the Enemies without and within ?
What if…..the Beauty and the Quietude of the Mountains called to Bowe ?  Beckoned him, and that was a very familiar Siren’s Song ?  If he only needed just a day or two Alone in Nature to pull himself together so that he could continue to Survive his completely Alien and Dangerous Environment ?  If he already knew that his Unit would scorn and refuse him those much needed Moments Alone, because the beautiful and enticing Mountains were filled with dangerous Tribal Taliban Murderers who Hate the Invaders - the Americans, as they had Hated the Invading Russians years previously, as UnWanted Demonic Intruders, Opportunists and Wanna‘-be- Wealth-and-Territory-Usurpers ?
What if……Bowe Bergdahl’s overriding urgency as an Imploding/Exploding Mis-Fit due to being constantly picked on and constantly Dissed within his Unit as a Weirdo Visible-Invisible got the better of him, and he Chose his Long Walk into the Wilderness, which led to his capture and Long Five Year ImPrisonment by the Taliban ?
What if…..for the most part, only Folks who have been ravaged, damaged and negatively impacted by Violence, who are Sensitive and Conscientious Idealists, will be the only ones truly able to Empathize and ForGive this young American Man his Long Walk into an apparently UnForSeen minefield of precarious events in Afghanistan and ultimately here in America ?
What if…..America, and many other Nations have throughout History traded other P.O.W.’s, Money and even Weaponry in order to get their Soldiers back Home ?  If this is an Historical precedence the President of the United States was bent on Honoring, despite whatever Mis-Takes Bowe Bergdahl may or may not have made ?
What if…… Bowe Bergdahl and his Family are being tossed into the Cess Pool of Public Opinion in order to sabotage President Obama’s Peace-Making Efforts and Energies once again ?
What if…….the President of the United States, who is seeking to end the Kingdom Making Wars and Rumors of War of the Mega-Oil-and-Money-Corporations, Mega-Banks, and Plutocratic Oligarchs, and close the dangerous entity of Guantanamo, and Protect the Environment for the World’s Future Children is continuing to mightily and steadily oppose these very same Forces that have for years, and for far too long, kept America from turning her Focus and Resources toward Innovations and Inventions of Alternative Energies, which are a National and Global Imperative to the very Future of this Planet’s Children that he is trying to Protect and Save ? 
What if…..Mega-Corporations, Mega-Banks and the Kingdom Building, Autocratic, Plutocratic Oligarchs for the most part, don’t do well with Democratic Systems, and so are seeking ways Globally to destroy Democracy and the Seeds of Democracy all over the World, because who wants an uppity Middle Class armed with Individual and Cultural Human Rights, Liberties, Justice, and Equal Opportunities that get in the way of the 1%er’s Selfish Needs and Greeds ?
What if……Mega-Corporations, Mega-Banks and Kingdom Building, Plutocratic Oligarchs finally Rule the World for their own purely Greedy Ambitions and Hubris converting We the People into mere Sheeplized Customers constantly Distracted by the Blue-Light Sales of an oblique and bleak Feudalistically Corporatized Dark Future ?
What if……Bowe Bergdahl and the Taliban are but UnFortunate Symptoms and the Symptomology of much larger Global Behavioral Patternings that We the People’s of the World should really be paying much, much more Attention to, and turning away from ?

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