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The Great Work
by David Sparenberg
2014-06-14 12:18:37
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The Great Work
The human adventure should not be abandoned.
dave01_400_01Mutuality of conscious mortality, this is the common ground and touchstone of the human condition.  This, the primal awakening into recognition and solidarity.  Into each mirror of many facets and into halls of many chambers--to the Waterstone of Dialogue, solidity of what flows between self and other.
Yet there are rough characteristics of the human condition which must be overcome: the ignorance, the arrogance, the greed, brutality and cruelty, the laziness, dishonesty, the indifference, the violence, the penchant for betrayal.  Even an adolescent self-possession; our civilizational immaturity and existential madness.
Yet it is as I have written in God Dreamers: "We are the angels awaiting the coming of ourselves."
It is as I have written in God Loves: "God loves love...the stewardship of justice...and the love-talk of a human being."
Beyond this there may not be a way for us.  Beyond this a way may not be required.
Therein the maturity of God is waiting for the maturity of humanity.
Who now will come with me to ascend the mountain of overcoming?  Who among the questers will seek the narrow ridge of meeting?  Which of pathfinders, which of watchers and rainbow spirit warriors will take up the Great Work, to evolve from ego to eco, to replace exploitation and oppression with compassion and responsibility?
A wise man wrote, "(We) walk as prophecies of the next age."* Who among us here has the heart of a lion and voice of a prophet, to exchange exclusion for inclusion, to resist death and defend and hallow life?
Who of my friends is coming now to earth walk beside me?
*Ralph Waldo Emerson, from Circles
David Sparenberg
2 June 2014

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